This Week In The Business: A Coool $US3.7 Million A Day

This Week In The Business: A Coool $US3.7 Million A Day

$US3.7 million — Amount of revenue Mixi’s mobile game Monster Strike made per day last quarter, according to the company’s earnings report; that’s an increase of 829 per cent in revenue over the previous year’s quarter.

Elsewhere in the business of gaming this week…

QUOTE | “Smartwatch is going to be a meaningful sector for games; it will create new business that reach unicorn-­like valuations.” ­ Developer Paul Virapen, talking about why he thinks the Apple Watch is going to have more units in the market than PS4 by the end of this year.

QUOTE | “I felt strongly that from now on, mobile will be at the heart of game platforms, and that we need a business strategy which creates games in accordance with observations of consumer usage trends.” ­ Konami’s new leader Hideki Hayakawa, explaining why the company is moving away from selling physical retail games.

QUOTE | “As we at Nintendo aim to reach all consumers around the world, we have no intention to analyse and follow successful examples in the Japanese smart device market.” ­ Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, talking about why Nintendo’s mobile games will be trying to get a small amount of money from a very large number of consumers.

QUOTE | “As the best­-selling console in the U.S. in April, fans set record April sales and engagement for Xbox One last month.” ­ Microsoft’s VP of Xbox marketing Mike Nichols, talkingabout how Xbox One sales increased 63 per cent this April over last year.

QUOTE | “Twitch is an enormous opportunity for developers right now, especially smaller indies without a massive marketing budget.” ­ PR specialist Natalie Griffith, talking along with others about how devs can use social media effectively for promoting their games.

STAT | 55 per cent — Drop in sales of last­-gen consoles in the US for April compared to last year; new console sales were about the same as last year, while overall console software sales grew 20 per cent.

QUOTE | “It’s not just about creating deeper engagement with games though, it’s also about creating new genres of games entirely.” ­ Developer Graham McAllister, talking about what he feels is the big potential for the Apple Watch and other wearables as a gaming platform.

QUOTE | “I know the CEO consistently says over and over, ‘By God, we’re going to do this right.’We live and breathe that.” ­ Atari’s Todd Shallbetter, talking about how the company wants to become important in the games business again.

STAT | $US1.1 billion — Amount of US digital game revenue in April, according to SuperData; that’s up 15 per cent over last April, with the 441,000 downloads of GTA V leading the pack for PC games.

STAT | 8.2 million — Number of hours watched on Twitch from the two million PC versions of GTA V in its launch week; this was over three times the number of hours watched for the 10 million Xbox One/PS4 versions in their launch week.


  • Remember when they used to say that about mobile games back before smartphones? They’re always so optimistic with the people they think is going to make up this new market. They hear something new is coming down the pipeline and they think ‘yes! People are going to throw all their old crap away and flock to this! This is going to dramatically change the gaming landscape forever’. Then it arrives and the mobile market just sort of stays as it’s own independent industry where massive success and total failure are pretty much random luck. Six months later they see the pipe being loaded with something new again and it’s straight back to assuming the best case scenario for the technology is the only possible outcome.

  • Apple watch vs PS4 numbers is such a stupid comparison to be making…

    One is a mobile piece of tech meant for a single person. The other is a largely shared home console.

    Go figure.

    • Once the hardware is bought, what is the continued revenue stream from the watch? Ps4 games are 80 bucks a pop, and EVERY ps4 owner will at least but a few.

  • I read somewhere that by 2022 most PC and console gamers will have transitioned to tablets. They will be super powerful by then but what? How can you even control some games decently on those things?

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