Track: Cone Of Shame | Artist: Faith No More | Album: Sol Invictus

Track: Cone of Shame | Artist: Faith No More | Album: Sol Invictus


    Description: Non Existent. | Artist: Mr. Plunkett | Comments: You Betcha

    Plunkett just went right ahead and linked his facebook feed to the article list

    Track: What is this? | Artist: He-calls-himself-a-journalist Plunkett | Album: Plunkett's Kotaku Odyssey

    Maybe you should have done a gaming article. Like maybe Humble Bundles Spring Sale Encore. Which has over 300 games? I got the Just Cause collection, Lego Marvel, Among the Sleep and Dust: An Elysian Tale all for about $23. Yay!

    I like faith no more as much as the next guy, but as i lay in bed i can't help thinking "wtf is luke smokeing" and " am i dreaming this bs?".

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