VR Turns Real Soccer Players Into Walking FIFA Glitches

VR Turns Real Soccer Players Into Walking FIFA Glitches

This should have been a regular game of indoor football, only everyone (even the ref) is wearing a set of VR goggles, replacing their normal vision with a top-down view of the pitch. Essentially, they're playing themselves in a game of FIFA.

The worst game of FIFA the world has ever seen.


    One interesting question: Would we as gamers fare better in this situation?

      Hard to say; these players could be gamers too, as many professional athletes are. And it would still be really disorientating to do; we're used to controlling characters from a third person perspective, but not ourselves!

      I'd say you'd adapt to playing the game better from a top down view and "controlling yourself" but considering the game is actually you playing it would depend on how athletic you are haha

    Watching that video and the way players are reacting makes me think that there's also some sort of lag involved. Watch the goalie at 5:45. Obvious delay happening. That would be harder to contend with than the top-down view, I imagine

      its the delay that makes them look incapable, not the perspective

        Both actually, these people would have never really play videogames so probably found it hard to adapt from a FPS to a top down (something almost no GENERAL Soccer and/or games do these days).

        1) Figure out which character on screen you are,
        2) adapt orientation to self on ground
        3) keep eye on your character

        All these guys clearly had trouble figuring out who was who and also orientation. Again something hardcore gamers do on the fly.

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