A Haunting Look At Tokyo And Japan

A Haunting Look at Tokyo and Japan

Over the years, I've seen loads of travelogue style videos filmed in Japan. Some have been good. This one is great.

Sure, some of the locations might seem a bit obvious, but many aren't. The photographic and editing skills that went into pulling this off are truly impressive. And that spoken verse by Tom O'Bedlam, fantastic choice.


    I miss Tokyo too. Just walking the streets can be an adventure.

    So good man
    makes me want to go there all the more.

      Yep. When I was choosing my arts major in uni I had to choose between French and Japanese, knowing that I could fairly easily get a scholarship to do post-grad stuff in either country. I chose France and don't regret it as I had a fantastic two years there and met my future wife there, but I would say I have a longstanding unrequited love for Japan that fills me with longing. I think it will be my mid-life crisis, running off to Japan for a year or two :-)

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