Grand Theft Auto V Is Not $US20 On Steam Right Now

Grand Theft Auto V is not $US20 on Steam right now. Despite multiple awfully misleading listings on GTA's Steam franchise page (they're for cash card bundles; no game), it's still at regular price. Suddenly last week's GTA price shenanigans don't look so benign.

GTA V's price also shows up as $US20 if you search it on Steam right now. Obviously I can't say for sure what Rockstar's intentions are here — this could be another honest mistake — but this sure looks scummy. It's apparently been showing up this way all morning, too.

Thanks for the tip, Sean Cox.


    Another thing, I have bought the $20 shark card but I've still yet to receive it. There's a 8 page thread on the steam forum of others in the same situation. There has been zero communication from either rockstar or valve on the issue. Something seems really messed up.

      That sucks! I've bought 3 of them since the game released on 360 and never had an issue.

      Last edited 16/06/15 8:18 am

    Was thinking of buying this game on steam until I saw this and all the complaints on steam. They sure are a bunch of dumbos over there

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