If Michael Bay Directed Neon Genesis Evangelion

If Michael Bay Directed Neon Genesis Evangelion

Shinji doesn’t only get in the robot in Michael Bay’s Evangelion, but completely overreacts to the awakening of the Angels.

ADHD transformed everything in their latest animation into an explosive mess: The story of this version wouldn’t be confusing at all, that’s for sure. But the characters, especially Shinji, would.


  • Strangely lacking explosions….. or anything Michael Bay…….. Like product placement overload……

  • Alternative title: If Shinji wasn’t a giant pussy and acted on the impulses REAL many normal teenage boys have.

    • With @jimu on this one, he was much more ‘normal’ than too many claim him to otherwise be. Anxiety ridden with no self confidence pretty much described a lot of teenagers I knew too.

      • I knew people exactly like him that still couldn’t understand his behavior.Asking why he didn’t just get up and kick arse when they knew full well the impotence of depression.

        I get the impression people have just come to expect the same old tropes a lot & get confused when art imitates life.

        That said, I know full well the feeling of not wanting to experience something depressing when you already are. Don’t wanna feed the monster.

      • Huh. See, again… this harks back to other articles about high school and such where a staggering and unexpected number of people hated it instead of thinking it was a fantastic time… I wouldn’t have picked anyone as saying that where I went to school. c.c

        • But me and my friends still loved high school! Can’t really make generalisations about a pretty complex period for a lot of people is all.

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