New Game Let You Boo The Confederate Flag Until It Burns

New Game Let You Boo The Confederate Flag Until It Burns

Briefly: There’s been a lot of drama surrounding the Confederate Flag of late, some of it even game-related. Now there’s a game from designer/academic Paolo Pedercini that lets you boo the controversial pennant until it burns. You can find it here.


  • What a load of rubbish.

    Im sure its this old imagery that causes these massacres and has nothing to do with things like free shotguns when you order a washing machine at Walmart.

    • It’s an unfortunately powerful symbol – it’s as alarming as the swastika, and should be treated as such.

      • Exactly. Turn those Confederate Flags into swastikas and see how quickly their owners burn them. So weird that it’s still a thing…

      • But isn’t treating it as such giving it more power? Honestly, when I see it I think of Dukes of Hazard and how silly it is. I kind of see all this recent media attention as adding power to it, not unlike the Westboro Baptist Church. If it wasn’t reported on constantly, I’m not sure it would even be a thing. I’ve never been to a Southern US state though and looking at it from my perspective is probably a bit ignorant really.

  • Revisionist history at its finest. Next thing the American Civil War will not exist, it will be the war against the British.

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