Official Patch Removes Letterboxing In The Evil Within

Briefly: When The Evil Within came out last year, one of the points of controversy was the game's gigantic letterboxing during gameplay. As of today, Bethesda announced there's now an official patch that removes the letterboxing on every version of the game. Weird!


    I thought this was required for framerate - I guess it was just a lax attempt at creating a cinematic feel.

      Indeed. Not sure what is going on. Removing letterboxing on the PC version most certainly effected performance.

    Now they just got to do this for the PS4 version..

      They have. That's the point of this article

        My bad only just read the link in the article. Since it was added in the pc section of Kotaku it would have been nice to see it in this article without having to go to another site to get the full details

    For crybaby sissys what can't handle atmosphere

    I hear they're nodding out the swears next.

      It didnt bother me - I thought it added to the atmos but would have liked the option to see the difference anyway

        You're a crybaby enabler!

      I loved it really, don't know what the fuss was about

        Same, added a feeling of claustrophobia

    Too little too late. Game has already been traded in.

    Whoop. Been whittling through this for a while on PS4. This will make the game a bit easier I think as the letter boxing can be disruptive.

    Hey mase,

    Don't waste your time commenting then, huh? Why bother stating your distinct lack of care?

    You aren't spiting anyone. No one cares if you traded it in due to letterboxing. Petty git.


    That would completely ruin the atmosphere for me =(

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