Paul Krugman Will Punch Your F**king Teeth In

Paul Krugman Will Punch Your Fucking Teeth In

I wish all articles on economics had Street Fighter style GIFs. Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman gets turned into retro-style arcade animations in a sharp-looking Bloomberg piece.

GIF: Bloomberg

Walter Newton did the illustrations — the amazing, amazing illustrations. I have to agree with Boing Boing's Rob Beschizza, because I just ended up staring at them slack-jawed.

Paul Krugman Will Punch Your Fucking Teeth In

GIF: Bloomberg

But yes, if you like, you can read the whole piece right here, which has even more Paul Krugman fighting.


    Perhaps this story should also mention what the Bloomberg piece is about?

    I mean, we can infer that it has something to do with Britain, and Europe... if I was guessing I'd suggest the story is about the EU. Because the man in the gifs is an economist, we can further infer it's about money (or probably financial methodology/reform).

    Just saying.

      Having read it, it's about Austerity measures in the Eurozone (including Britain).
      Although, I'll be damned if I can make out the point of the article.
      It has a paragraph on Krugmans statement regarding a particular action, followed with a retort by someone else in that specific market. The whole piece, it's very short, is like that.
      If it was a profile of Krugman, it doesn't go into any detail about him.
      It doesn't seem to have a point, it doesn't evaluate the data to show who's been proven right or wrong (though it's probably too early to tell anyway), it doesn't making any closing statements... it's just, I have no idea.

        It keeps going if you press space and shift+space for back. Apparently Bloomberg had a rivalry issue where they discuss competing ideologies/individuals and this was a part of it

          Yeah, I got to the end of it... it's just odd they'd make a piece like that without having a definitive statement on it.
          Perhaps it makes better sense if you read the rest of the issue.

        Quite possibly the point of the article is as clickbait for sites which would normally never link to a Bloomberg article. No idea where I might find a site that does that, however.

    Paul Krugman represents some of the worst aspects of ivory tower academics issuing forth proclamations from on high and then issuing more when they get it wrong on top of supporting policies and methods in economics for no other reason than they are currently 'in vogue' rather than correct or appropriate.

    The sheer volume of criticism of this man on and offline from various sources is almost as astounding as how dramatically he fails to understand that the real world economy and financial markets do not operate the way they say in text books, specifically the effect of debt on the macro economy and how it is created or even the IS-LM model being completely wrong.

    Nobel prize winner regardless, I will not be selecting him as a player character in street fighter any time soon.

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