You Are Getting Old. Street Fighter Just Turned 25.

On August 30, 1987, the very first Street Fighter game was released by Capcom. Making today the series' 25th birthday. My God. How depressing.

Not for Capcom or Street Fighter, of course. For them, it's party time. But for most of us who grew up button-smashing our way through combos, it's a stark reminder that we are getting older by the day, and that before we know it, Street Fighter will be 100 years old, and we'll all be dead.

Whoah. Sorry for that morbid turn. It really and seriously is a time for reflection and, more importantly, celebration, not just because it's one of the most enduring and iconic franchises in video gaming, but because there was a time that Street Fighter, through endless sequels and a pandering to a dying niche, seemed dead in the water.

The successful launch of Street Fighter IV of course changed all that, and the series is now back and as big as ever. Well, maybe not quite as big as it was during Street Fighter II's prime, when it seemed like the biggest thing on Earth, but big enough.

Below you'll find a range of stories paying tribute to the series' long and illustrious past, from its beginnings as a pretty average arcade fighter to its emergence as a cultural powerhouse and everything in between. Like Jackie Chan, GI Joe and Jean Claude Van Damme's sexual past.

You Are Getting Old. Street Fighter Just Turned 25.

Let's Talk About The Very First Street Fighter

Released as an arcade game in 1987, Street Fighter is home to a ton of "firsts". It was Capcom's first ever one-on-one fighter. It was the first Street Fighter game, a series that has spawned over a dozen sequels and successors. It was the first fighting game to feature the special attacks that are now a genre staple (think down + up + punch, etc). It was the first fighting game to use six buttons. And it was, believe it or not, the first game Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune ever worked on for Capcom.More »

You Are Getting Old. Street Fighter Just Turned 25.

Capcom Wouldn't be Capcom Without Akiman's Amazing Art

Japanese artist Akira Yasuda, better known by his pen name Akiman, is a legend in the video game art world, being responsible for more classic images, posters, box covers and characters than we've got space to share.

So we'll keep things brief, and just focus on some of his more memorable... More »

You Are Getting Old. Street Fighter Just Turned 25.

The Best Street Fighter Movie Starred...Jackie Chan?

You've seen the bad of the Street Fighter craze of the early 90s. Now see the good. No, not good. Amazing.

In this clip, from 1993 movie City Hunter, we see martial arts superstar Jackie Chan take a bit of a beating. More »

You Are Getting Old. Street Fighter Just Turned 25.

When Street Fighter met GI Joe, the World Suffered

The year was 1993. Street Fighter was one of the biggest things on the planet, and venerable toy franchise GI Joe...wasn't. In an effort to boost Joe's sales, Hasbro figured creating action figures based on Street Fighter would be a really good idea!

It wasn't.

Between 1993 and 1994, Capcom and... More »

You Are Getting Old. Street Fighter Just Turned 25.

Memories of a Forgotten Street Fighter Tournament

It was the summer of 1992 and Street Fighter II was the king of the still thriving U.S. arcades scene.

I had been running the Champions Arcade in Glen Burnie, Maryland's Marley Station Mall for maybe half a year, spending my evenings fixing broken machines, counting tickets and playing way too... More »

You Are Getting Old. Street Fighter Just Turned 25.

Dragon Punch Chun-Li Where It Counts With This Male Supplement

This is Stree Overlord. It's a supplement for men aimed at helping with...yeah. And to help sell it, we have two of Street Fighter's most famous characters going at it hammer and tongs on the front of the box.

Sorry it's been censored, but what's going on under that fish should stay under that fish. More »

Van Damme "Showed Cammy His Thailand" While Filming The Terrible 90s Street Fighter Movie

Just in case you needed a little more background to the relationship between Jean-Claude Van Damme (Guile) and Kylie Minogue (Cammy) in the 1994 Street Fighter movie, know that according to the Belgian brawler/breakdancer the pair enjoyed a real-life "affair" behind the scenes.

So, um, who gives a... More »

The Feel Good Fighting Game Story of the Summer

The fighting game community gets a bum rap. Sometimes it's deserved. Often it's not. There are good people in the fighting game community. People like Daigo Umehara. More »

Ask For Baby Hadouken GIF, And Ye Shall Receive

The video we posted of a cute, giggling baby getting knocked out by his father's hadouken was too adorable to not get the GIF treatment.

You can thank our own Chris Person for the GIF creation. More »

Now THIS is How You Celebrate a Game's Anniversary

It's been really disappointing in the last few years watching companies like Nintendo do so little to really commemorate significant anniversaries in the life of beloved game franchises. More »

You Are Getting Old. Street Fighter Just Turned 25.

Real Human Attempts Street Fighter Car-Smash

Remember that car-smashing bonus stage in Street Fighter II? This Ryu wanna-be tries that for real. There's fire, too!

Real Street Fighter Wannabe [Unique Daily via Topless Robot] More »


    The first streetfighter used these huge padded pressure sensitive pads, one for kick and punch and depending on how hard you hammerfisted them Ken/Ryu the only playable characters would act accordantly.Needless to say these got used and abused roughly so many broken ones were replaced with the six button layout.
    Also the special moves were more like secret moves as no where on the cabinet was a move list like the later games.

    Plunket fix your sh#%, i was scrolling through articles and saw this eyesore of a mini description

    25 yrs is about right :). All I remember was.. the line. OMG THE LINE! It never ended!!
    Final Fight was finally free to play whenever u wanted, but Street Fighter 2? Nope,
    U could expect 2 hour queue's for the local arcades ONLY SF2 machine. Why didn't you
    people get 2 or 3?!!!

    I will never forget that first year when it was out in the arcades. Arcades were packed and it was actually considered "cool" to be good at street fighter. All these years later and its still one of the best games in the arcade, which has more to do with lack of development in Arcade gaming to be fair.

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