Street Fighter's Ridiculous New Breasts Are A Glitch, Capcom Says

Street Fighter's Ridiculous New Breasts Are A Glitch, Capcom Says

If you've seen recent Street Fighter V footage from E3 you've probably noticed something a little different about Chun Li. People are remarking that because Chun Li's breasts act as if they were made out of jello, Street Fighter has gone "full Dead or Alive" in the upcoming sequel.

This is not actually the case, though! Fighting game commentator James Chen reports that Chun Li's absurd breast physics are actually a bug. Capcom associate producer Peter Rosas confirmed this peculiar hiccup to me this morning.

"The whole Chun-Li jiggle thing is a glitch that only happens on the second player side of the E3 build and it will be fixed," Rosas said.

To wit, not all footage floating around of Chun Li right now displays breasts with a mind of their own:

Street Fighter's Ridiculous New Breasts Are A Glitch, Capcom Says

[Source: XusesGB]

As you can see here, Chun Li's breasts are relatively static on the left side of the versus screen. Meanwhile, Cammy's breasts seem to jiggle a tad more than they do when she's standing on the player one side of the game. Moreover, it's worth noting that despite the existence of this glitch, neither competitor's breasts bounce very much while actually fighting (skip to around the 10 minute mark to see Chun Li in action):

And there you have it. Chun Li's breasts are not getting a gravitational pull makeover. If nothing else, this is a good reminder that the games shown off during E3 are not always finished, and unfinished builds sometimes have issues that won't be present in the final game.


    Jiggle physics
    Rufus > Chun-li

    Last edited 18/06/15 1:44 pm

    She should probably invest in a sports bra until the "glitch" is resolved.

    I suddenly feel like having some blueberry Aeroplane jelly....

    Does Cammy use double sided tape to keep her outfit in her belly button?

    I think the real question is, why do those breast physics exist in the first place?

    Japanese..... always into the big bouncy breasts hahaha :D

    EDIT: Maybe they will be an added microtransaction?

    Last edited 18/06/15 12:14 pm

      There should be *some* breast physics or every character ends up looking like a Barbie doll (looking at you Mortal Kombat 9).

      I think the real question is, why does blood splatter and gore physics exist in the first place?

      Yes I'm being slightly facetious here =P

    i dont remember chunli having such large boobs in previous games

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