The Big Question: What TV Streaming Service Do You Use?

So yesterday Roy Morgan released figures on who is using what streaming service in Australia. The results were kinda unsurprising. Basically everyone is using Netflix and everyone else is fighting over the scraps.

So I was curious: what service are you guys and girls using?



      This. It has the widest variety of stuff on it. Also, what about iView?

        Oh yeah, true & the boy loves ABC4Kids too.

      That's what I was planning to say myself...

        There's actually some really good stuff put up in copyright limbo as well as original stuff

          Also it's literally the only way other than straight up piracy* that I can ever see any of the UK panel shows that are pretty much the only thing I watch anymore

          *There's really sod all difference between watching a show on youtube that shouldn't be there but hasn't been taken down and simply downloading a torrent or whatever people use for piracy these days but it's easier. Give me the option to buy them and I'll be one of the first customers, until then if they don't want my money then that's their loss

            If you use your VPN, or DNS service you should be able to watch them on catch up TV. When it's on I stream grand designs from Channel4's website

    slurp HD

      I must be doing it wrong the couple of times I've tried to use putlocker it just directs me to a dodgy sign up to use our service or download our divx (lol) codec site

    I would buy multiple services if there was a unified master app for them. As it is, I can't be arsed to search through individual front ends, so I'm just going with Netflix.

    The saddest thing is an update came out last week which deleted the tvii button from the Wii u home page. That application WAS a universal streaming app, and I would have been absolutely fine if it were released here without any free-to-air support.


      I think the XBOX One's search function does a very limited version of this. When you search for something it also searches the database of everything with a compatible XBOX One app (Crunchyroll is the only app I know is incompatible). So if I search for Daredevil on my phone's smartglass app while it's connected to the XBOX One, it'll bring up the media results with a 'Play on XBOX One' option. I hit that and it gives me a list of every app that can launch it. The catch is it doesn't seem to have a 'only things I'm subscribed to or already own' option.
      Granted that's not as good as just having a single app that lets you browse the libraries of every service you plug an account in for, but it's a neat trick most people don't know about. At least it gives me hope that this sort of functionality could make it in as a core app at some point.

    We have Netflix. And Foxtel. And QuickFlix (just for the moment). Christ.

    Netflix, and Amazon Prime, but will be letting the Prime sub go when it runs out at the end of the year.

    No multi option?

    We've got Netflix + getflix and stan because vodafone gave us 12 months free

    But we totally use Netflix waaay more than Stan.

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    I use Netflix, but find myself mostly just watching YouTube nowadays.

    No FTA at our place - we use netflix mainly and the fta catch up channels sometimes.
    we have foxtel go (mil has a set top box in her unit), but dont use it much. I have a free presto account until december, I barely use it... have watched a few movies on my phone on it. Unreliable compared to netflix. Same with foxtel go on mobile - very unreliable. PC seems ok.

    If presto had a fetch app we would use it more probably.

    Netflix+Hulu Plus gives me all the American/Brit TV shows and movies that I need. ABC iView and SBS On Demand (as Smart TV apps) have all the Aussie TV shows I like and documentaries. I don't watch Game of Thrones or any HBO series for that matter so I don't really miss out on much on that front. All in all, I think I'm pretty covered!

    My PLEX library is future proof right now. I could happily fall in to a Seinfeld / Friends / Sopranos / The Wire / Deadwood cycle for the rest of my life.

      Peep Show / The Office (UK) / Parks and Rec

        My cycle is currently :

        20 min comedies: The Office (US), Seinfeld, 30 Rock, Malcolm in the Middle, Friends
        40 min Sci-Fi: Farscape, X-Files

    I have Stan and a few free months of Presto left. Haven't touched Presto, and intend to jump ship to Netflix once we've mined Stan's content enough.

    Netflix and Stan but I checked Netflix in the poll because I use it more. Stan is more of a fallback for older stuff that Netflix doesn't have or their limited exclusives.

    For instance last night I used Stan for 21 Jump Street and switched to Netflix for 22 Jump Street. Many lols were had. I assume since Stan mostly licenses older shows/movies it will gradually grow it's library from shows Netflix has dumped or won't bother with. Happy to pay the $22/month to have both.

    Completely uninterested in Presto or Quickflix.

    Those Roy Morgan numbers mostly just seem to be obfuscated junk being masqueraded as 'fact' without even taking the subject matter into account.
    Given 2.5 'subscribers' per 'household' it seems that the definition of subscribers and subscriptions is not really linked or providing a meaningful picture of what is actually happening in that market.

      Doesn't matter whether you treat the data as subscribers or subscriptions, the take delivered message is that Netflix is the market leader in Australia for SVOD.

    I have Foxtel for Sport/GoT and Netflix, Hulu and Stan for TV/Movies.

    You know what I'd really like? A service that lets me BUY TV shows...

      Can't you do that on the Google or Apple stores? Or even PSN / XBL?

        I should probably have specified TV shows that I actually want rather than generic populist American shite

      like a steam for tv shows / movies, that would be great.

    Just Netflix an YouTube now i dont even have free to air tv.

    I have Netflix and occasionally use parents Foxtel/iQ for things like Game of Thrones. Haven't seen a need for anything else yet. Stan/Presto don't seem to really have anything on them (especially Presto, Stan has a bit just not much for me personally)

    Netflix. Got a free trial of presto cause they got quite a few shows i wanted to watch but only 480p which is disgusting. Leave it to foxtel to set up a streaming service and still be stuck 10 years in the past.

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    We did use Quickflix before Netflix came out, but now it's Netflix all the way.

    Playstation Vue really got my attention at E3 though. Hopefully we'll see it over here one day but I'm not holding my breath

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