The Last Guardian Is Back

The Last Guardian Is Back

Bombshell: The Last Guardian is still alive, and it's coming out on the PS4 in 2016. The practically mythical game was shown off today during Sony's E3 press conference. It's a damn miracle.

The Last Guardian, as you may already know, has had a troubled development cycle. Team Ico, the developers, originally announced the game in 2009 for the PS3. Since then, the game has had a ton of delays and supposed cancellations — some people assumed that it would just never come out. It's been a trip. But here we are.

The footage shown tonight — all on the PS4 — saw a little boy traversing precarious platforms and solving puzzles with the help of a giant beast.

Here's the full demo:

And here are some choice screenshots and GIFs:

The Last Guardian Is Back
The Last Guardian Is Back
The Last Guardian Is Back
The Last Guardian Is Back

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    Mein eyes, I can't believe them.
    Between this and the (yet again) rumoured FF7 remake I'd almost consider buying a PS4!

      Yeah, I'm PC through and through, but I'm considering the PS4 because of the Last Guardian and Uncharted 4 ...

    Probably a stupid question. Any chance of this on other platforms?

      nope, none what so ever sorry to say

      To back up @piat, none. Sony IP developed by a Sony studio

        Damn...may have to get a PS for this (and a few other things)

    Here's hoping it lives up to the hype like Duke Nukem Forever did!

      The FPS landscape changed significantly during the many years that DNF spent in development. By the time it arrived, the world had definitely moved on.

      Fortunately for Sony, the boy-and-his-cateagle genre remains sparsely populated even after all this time, so they should still have a pretty fertile market there when it finally releases.

    Disappointed with the vague 2016 release date

    I never lost faith. I knew it would come one day. I've been eating healthy for the last 7 years just to increase my chances of seeing this day.

      Release day you can eat all the mars bars in existence.

    I bought a PS3 for this game. Then a PS4. If Sony are smart they'll push it back to PS5 and keep on milking the cow.

      I also bought a PS3 for this game.

      Well, this and Kingdom Hearts 3.

      0/2, haha. Not phased though, got the PS4 ready to roll for both games!

    This was a pretty lame demo. Couldn't he have just falcored the winged dog thing to the other side?

    I can see why this game has had such a troubled development. The puzzles don't look like they really work, and the game just doesn't seem fun.

      Agreed - not too sure where the gameplay is... I must be missing something.
      Demo looked like an indie game - not a AAA, 8 years to develop, hysteria-inducing, break the internet release...

    Seriously... At this point your looking at a duke nukem clone

    it looks awesome, though throughout it all i could think of was "Jason!!! Jason??? Jason!!!!"

    Yay it exists!

    It's PS3 roots are pretty obvious though, it still looks very much like a PS3 game and doesn't appear to be taking advantage of the PS4's power much.

    It can't be back, because it was never gone!!

    Hurrah! Excellent news! I've kept the faith, and have now been vindicated.

    So a kid and his oversized pup barely avoid death time after time? I don't think this game will be good for my heart.

    The kids voice annoyed me, the graphics looked washed out and bland, and the pet is a giant half dog-goat half chicken. Call me when it gets a fun injection.

    You know what? Studio Ghibli should make a movie out of this. No! Not the development cycle! The actual game! :)

    Having never played ICO or SOTC, I was eager to see what all the salivating and hype was about. After watching the demo, I said "That was it?"

    The graphics need updating, which I hope they'll do before release, but where is the fun? It looks pretty boring to me. I am obviously missing something. I'm sure that this will sell well for the nostalgic ICO fans. But for newcomers to this genre, like myself? I feel let down

    Oh just shut up. This is what Team Ico games ARE. If you haven't played SOTC or ICO then of course you don't see the appeal. Where's the FUN? In the atmosphere, the bond between your companion, the amazing landscape and sense of loneliness. The sense of being in a forbidden and foreboding world, long forgotten.

    lol how can you feel let down if you've never played the previous games? You have no clue what Team Ico games are all about. Maybe your "fun" is in dudebro shooters and rubbish like Destiny. Seriously man, you either "get" these games or you don't. If not you're missing out on some of the greatest video games in history. Anyone can attest to that.

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