Check Out The New Batman V. Superman Trailer, Starring Wonder Woman

Check Out The New Batman V. Superman Trailer, Starring Wonder Woman

So she’s only on screen for a few seconds of the over three and a half minute long Comic-Con trailer for next year’s Batman V. Superman. They are the best seconds.

It’s an impressive trailer, both visually and lengthwise. Lex Luthor’s wig gets a lot of play, and we get to see more of why brooding Bruce is brooding. Nothing pits two heroes against each other like hundreds dying in a collapsing building and holding a crying child, especially when the one dealing with the crying is the world’s most famous crying child himself, Bruce Wayne.

But yes, I am most excited for Wonder Woman, as I’ve seen several movies starring the other two big heroes here but none featuring the third element of the holy trinity. Gal Gadot looks much more angry and powerful than I’d imagine she’d be if I ran into her at Hardee’s. So far, so good.

And with that the movie elevated itself from “probably skip in theatres” to “fine, dammit.”


    • I actually think theres way too much going on. The trailer looks like its still trying to build up the main characters, Batman and Superman, and at the same time introduce and build new characters (i.e Lex, maybe Wonder Woman). Not to mention appearances from all the other justice league members. They also managed to shoehorn in the overdone “Bruce parents get killed flashback”.

      I just don’t see how this movie can be long enough to do everyone justice…………………..league

  • can someone explain to me why these two go at each other. and how batman possibly stands a chance against superman? is this version of superman hugely de-powered?

    • @skinja – I know, right. Superman would punch him so hard that he would vaporize. We’ll see how it plays out but I think it’s not Superman V Batman, but rather Batman doing all the punching… Wow, though.

    • Not sure the plot, but Batman has *always* had contingency plans against the Justice League. It was the plot of a movie/comic arc that escapes me. He can’t match him in strength, but Bruce outsmarts Clark every time.

    • Sure. In the trailer, you see that Superman destroyed one of Bruce Wayne’s buildings in Metropolis when he was fighting Zod. There’s obviously some stuff they haven’t yet revealed as to why he’d go straight to killing Supes, but it’ll come down to Superman is too powerful and dangerous and Batman doesn’t trust him.

      Superman is not hugely depowered, but he is at the start of his career. Batman is a veteran at this point, I think they’ve said, so he’s using his smarts to fight. He’ll still get beat, don’t worry (if that makes you worry)

      • Or to actually answer the question, Bruce uses his smarts to weaken Superman using kryptonite, soundwaves (another weakpoint for Superman) and electricity to a point where he can kick the sh*t out of him using a suit of armour powered by Gotham’s electrical grid.

        It’s absolute gold to see an old, worn out and extremely grumpy Batman make the Boy Scout bleed.

    • Batman always had backup plans for defeating his allies in case they went bad and has actually clashed with Superman a few times and in different universes.

      It’s not secret that Superman can beat Batman on even ground, but even Clark has admitted that it wouldn’t be so simple on Bruces terms.
      Bruce could easily gain Kryptonite if he wanted and Lex has shown that it can be utilised in many different ways to weaken and harm Superman.

      Hell if I had to guess off the top of my head I would say Krytonite powered/infused exo skeleton and a crap ton of traps and distractions.
      (And judging from the clip, exo skeleton with greenish eyes?….hmmmm)

  • And with that the movie elevated itself from “probably skip in theatres” to “fine, dammit.”

    That line pretty much sums up my feelings as well.
    I was “meh” right up until this trailer.
    It’s a fantastic trailer and now I have to add this to my “watch at the movies” list.

  • Cool, yeah the trailer looks solid and the casting of Ben Affleck seems to have paid off. But what is Wonder Woman doing here? This trailer shows there is no reason for her to be here. The Casting for Lex Luthor how ever seems to be a bit of a miss.

    • It does look like he hasn’t been batman for a while, flooded batcave, ominous welcome back shot of wayne manor (I assume it is wayne manor anyway) the powering up the bat signal and so on. It’s like he’s coming out of retirement to show this young upstart in his gaudy clothing and fancy new abilities who’s boss. It is entirely possible he packed on a few pounds.

      • It does look like it. He lost his family which I assume is his wife and child since Bruce’s parents died of early age. Probably in the period that batman was long retired.

        • upon further research, batman is pissed because someone (or someones) close to him was killed during the superman/zod beatdown. metropolis and gotham are geographically close with metropolis being upmarket and gotham being a slum. his parents though were still killed while he was a child

  • This reeks of unoriginality. We’ve seen all this before. This looks like part Public Enemies animated movie, part Dark Knight Returns & part Injustice: Gods Among Us. I’m sorry to all the Batman & Superman fans who’ll blindly down vote me, but it’s true. We’ve seen this before. The only thing different is the Wonder Woman cameo and the fact it continues on from Dark Knight Rises & Man of Steel.

    Personally, I’ll wait till it hits bluray and then give it a watch.

    Side note: Seeing the way Lex looks in this, does anyone else think they should cast the same guy with this exact look to play Arcade in a Marvel movie?

    • This looks like part Public Enemies animated movie, part Dark Knight Returns & part Injustice: Gods Among Us.
      Batman and Superman have been around for over 70 years now with constant stories being written about them during that time. Any story written about them is going to have some parallels with stories from the past.

      Batman Begins was essentially just Year One with some Ra’s thrown in (and Catwoman cut), Dark Knight was part The Man Who Laughs, part Dark Victory. Dark Knight Rises was Part Knightfall, part Year One (that Catwoman bits that weren’t in Begins), part Dark Knight Returns… Do I need to keep going?
      Akham Knight was part Batman: RIP/Battle for the Cowl, part Knightfall, part (most) The Red Hood

  • Kotaku says the best Dragon Age character is Dorian and the best superhero is Wonder Woman. Hey, I like Dorian and i’m glad to see a female superhero but really? Seems sort of transparent that everything progressive is suddenly the best, feels wierd of me to say that because I’m all for these characters not only being a part of our culture but potential centrepoints of it, even. I do question if there is perhaps a less transparent and patronising way of instilling an appreciation for these characters into your readers, however. Also, i will not trust Snyder to make a good film after the objectively horrible Man of Steel; a combination of various sentimental, manipulative advertisements, loosely edited into the running time of a film filled with 9/11 and jesus references just to make sure he covered all the bases of bullshit. Now, because of the broken narrative of the first film – which in no way acknowledged the wanton destruction of buildings and human beings but actually glorified our worst fears of urban terrorism – we’re getting a salvage story. Be just a little skeptical, the first really was garbage, like it? Totally cool, it’s still hot garbage.

    • It doesn’t say anywhere that Wonder Woman is the best superhero, just that the best part is finally getting to see her in a film (as opposed to Superman or Batman).
      I am most excited for Wonder Woman, as I’ve seen several movies starring the other two big heroes here but none featuring the third element of the holy trinity.

    • Which part of his justification for the wonder woman segments being the best bits (not best character) did you fail to read? He quite simply stated that he was more excited about the WW character being present as both batman and superman have been in a slew of movies already. Your paranoia regarding some sort of underlying feminist agenda seems unfounded. As for the rest of your comments regarding the superman movie I agree, although it is by far not the worst superman movie made which is quite depressing really.

    • Sometimes, a male character is the coolest person in the film, sometimes it’s a female character. It’s not a “progressive” thing; it’s just a personal judgement. For example, I thought the coolest character in Mad Max: Fury Road was big bad Immortan Joe. In Kick-Ass, I thought the coolest character was Hit Girl.

    • It was always their plan to use the destruction for future movies. Pretty much right after the outcry started they said they were using it as motivation for Aquaman’s actions in his movie.

      Also, get used to other people having different opinions. OK, it wasn’t your cup of tea, but I think to call it objectively horrible is totally missing the mark. It had its moments

    • Yeah, I agree with this completely. And as a gay man myself I found Dorian to be possibility the worst character in inquisition, with his snooty, better than everyone attitude. He exemplified the worst aspects of the perceived character traits of gay men, and while that may be true for some, most gay men I know are normal men who date other men.

      But its just the culture we live in, if you have a different opinion than what the media believes to be the correct moral stance then you are crucified, branded a bigot or anti-this. Its really disgusting. And Gawker are the absolute worst for it.

  • Jesse Eisenberg is a terrible choice for Luthor. I’ll still see this, though.

    • I’m sort of wondering if this movie might be some sort of Lex Luthor origin story (apart from everything else it’s trying to be). He looks young and his hair is really off-putting, but I would be surprised if he doesn’t lose the hair by the end of the movie.

  • I loved the previous trailer and now having seen this one I absolute cannot wait for this movie to be released!! I don’t usually go to the movies on Thursday nights but I think it’s gonna be worth it for Batman v Superman 🙂

  • I’m glad they included the Batman origin story, always wondered what happened to his parents. No spoilers people!

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