Deadpool Returns Seemingly Out Of Nowhere

Briefly: Deadpool hasn't been available on Steam since December 2013, but seemingly out of nowhere the action game has returned. Something tells me it's because the merc with a mouth has a movie coming out in February 2016.


    i had a great deal of fun with the first one. short game. nothing overly complicated, but filled with great humour and entertaining, ass-kicking action.
    i think ill prob give this one a shot for the right price.

      Same game. Just back for sale.

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      Haha, no, this is the same one. It was taken off the steam store a while back.

        ahh. yes. definitely mis-read the article.
        ha ha

    Why was it removed? I was looking for it a while ago and wondered why I couldn't find it.

      Ummm, license to publish games between Marvel and either activision or high moon ran out and they couldn't sell it any more until a renewal was worked out.

    This was a fantastic game and am surprised at the low scores it got a release. Combat was uninspired and sometimes clunky but the dialog was amazing... I have all of Deadpool comics and I have never laughed at a game so much over such a long period right from the start to the end I loved every minute and couldn't wait to progress to see what would happen next.

    If you have not played the game do yourself a favor and get it! or at the very least put it on your wishlist and wait for a sale. If you're any sort of Deadpool fan its a must have... On the other hand if you find the merc with a mouth intolerable then stay well away : P.

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    I'm hoping this shows up as he XBox games with gold freebie sooner rather than later. It's been on my to do list for a while and I love to be able to play it for free.

      Bought an NTSC copy for about $15 shipped some time back... still sealed sitting in my games drawer alongside all the others that I'll "get to one day". I know I won't be able to resist re-buying this on steam during a sale.. it will probably never get opened now!

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