Evel Knievel Is Jealous, GTA Stunt Guy

Evel Knievel Is Jealous, GTA Stunt Guy

Today on Highlight Reel we have last-second Rocket League saves, really cool GTA stunts, floating Grim Fandango NPCs and much more!

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    How do I change this stupid infinite scrolling crap back to page view?

      Not sure I like it either...

      I remember when one of my favourite sites, MMAMania.com changed their layout... I barely ever go there anymore!!!

      I would like to keep coming back here. Please give me the choice lol

        What really pisses me off, is that the page button comes up after 5 pages. Either get fucking rid of it, or let me choose.

        Also, I've clicked WAY less articles with the scrolling option, and adblock sure as shit is staying on.

    That GTA duster stunt...I had to watch that a few times.

    Chris Person, I think you are getting jealousy and envy mixed up, You should check the words in a dictionary before using them in your article.

    Jealousy is the fear of losing something you already have.
    Envy is when you want something that you don't have.

      jealous (adjective) 1. Feeling or showing an envious resentment of someone or their achievements, possessions, or perceived advantages

      From the Oxford English Dictionary. Seems to fit. What dictionary are you going by?

        Even my face hurts from that bitchslap!!

        Last edited 31/07/15 9:09 pm


        or just watch the explanation by Homer on The Simpsons:

          None of those are dictionaries.


            Suspecting rivalry in love; troubled by worries that one might have been replaced in someone's affections; suspicious of a lover or spouse's fidelity.

            Some usage guides seek to distinguish "jealous" from “envious”, using jealous to mean “protective of one’s own position or possessions” – one “jealously guards what one has” – and envious to mean “desirous of others’ position or possessions” – one “envies what others have”. This distinction is also maintained in the psychological and philosophical literature.

              Words can have multiple meanings. Definition 3 on wiktionary seems clear:

              3. Envious; feeling resentful of someone for a perceived advantage, material or otherwise. [from 14th c.]

              I notice you also selectively omitted the rest of the usage note, which reads (emphasis mine):

              However, this distinction is not reflected in usage, as reflected in the quotations of famous authors (above) using the word jealous in the sense “envious (of the possessions of others)”.

              As an alternate narrative: don't you think perhaps you were unnecessarily hasty in accusing the author of misusing the word when it seems clear that his usage was valid? Your condescending 'check the words in a dictionary' comment seems embarrassing given the misunderstanding appears to be yours.

          I know one more good dictionary - you can compare now:

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