How To Turn A Pepsi Can Into A Delorean

How to Turn Empty Pepsi Cans Into a Back to the Future DeLorean

Look, I'm not saying anyone can do this, but it can be done. There are people who can take an empty Pepsi can and transform it into a mini Delorean. It's pretty amazing.

There's a tutorial, which I've posted below. But I know that it would turn out like the proverbial dog's breakfast if I tried it. Your mileage may vary.

Via Gizmodo


    Hmmm mine has more blood stains.

    ... And a finger tip glued to the roof.

      It will be the replica of the time when Doc drink-drives and crashes into the bus stop.....

        That happens in 1982, but it doesn't happen until 2018

    A few years ago, this would excite me. Today, however, after years and years of people clawing at the gates of admiration and validation with little craft videos, it irritates me. I'd almost prefer watching someone just DRINK the Pepsi and throw the can in the recycling.

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