In Brazil, Sega Won The Video Game Console Wars Of The 1990s.

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In Brazil, Sega won the video game console wars of the 1990s. An article at Atlas Obscura delves into the Brazilian video game market, a weird place, one where a new PS4 costs three times as much as it does elsewhere.


  • I think this was the case in NZ aswell I don’t have any actual sales statistics but I remember growing up and at school etc everyone who had a console seemed to have a sega master system then mega drives there was the odd NES or SNES but was very rare, quite a few Gameboys though.
    but that could have just been my experience growing up.

    • You’re not alone there, think I knew one person with a NES and all the rest had master systems then everyone moved onto mega drives.

  • in my heart,
    sega won the video game wars in the 1990’s.

    who won it here in Aus? i would have thought it was the same.

    • not sure, but i know in my area there were more of us with sega systems than nintendo. however we’d all just combine them and game all weekend. if you went to a mate who the opposite system then you brought yours along as well.. best of both worlds

  • Ahhh the crap I just to give people with SNES at primary school.
    I blame A*Mazing for making Nintendo’s cool…..

    • the SNES was cool before that 🙂
      A*Mazing made it uncool because they played Nigel Mansell’s Grand Prix. And the challenge in Super Mario Kart was to collect the coins but not one of the contestants ever stopped to actually get the coins, instead they just kept racing around the track 🙁
      There was a review show before A*Mazing however in the same vein as what good game is now that was sponsored by SEGA and was on weekend mornings. that’s what made SEGA cool (but I still preferred Nintendo). I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called (‘The Zone’ maybe?).

  • Pretty much evreyone I knew in Oz had a megadrive too, I missed the whole Nintendo thing until the Wii-U

  • Master System easily won the 8 but wars here on price alone – Anyone else trm never what an NES used to cost? You could buy a PS4 for less!

    The 16 bit wars though – I don’t remember Sega getting that much of a head start which is insane given the two year lead they had in the US

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