LEGO Avengers Introduces… Iron Stan

LEGO Avengers Introduces… Iron Stan

There’s more to the LEGO Avengers video game than the two blockbuster movies. During a Comic-Con panel earlier today Stan “The Man” Lee took to the stage to introduce his two cameo characters as well as a few surprise guests.

That’s right, famous creator Stan Lee doesn’t just get a homage to Iron Man’s old fashioned original suit. He also gets… the Stan Buster.

Note the pencil. It’s used to create original characters that no one else previously created, I’m guessing.

The Stan Buster is of course modelled after the Hulkbuster armour, which is also making an appearance in the game.

It looks almost exactly like the LEGO Hulkbuster on my desk, barring a few colour discrepancies.

But the Hulkbuster is an expected appearance in a game based on the Avengers movies. There are more surprising guests, like the Captain America version of Sam “Falcon” Wilson.

And then there’s Crossbones, who appeared in the second Captain America movie but won’t be in costume until Civil War.

And then there’s America Chavez, AKA Miss America. Interesting to see the Young Avenger making an appearance.

Who else is incoming? How many more Stans can they fit in the game? We’ll no more as we get closer to LEGO Avengers winter release.


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