Lizard Squad Member Found Guilty Of 50,700 Charges Of 'Computer Crime'

Lizard Squad Member Found Guilty Of 50,700 Charges Of 'Computer Crime'

A member of Lizard Squad, the group responsible for numerous attacks on gaming sites and platforms over the past year, has been found guilty in Finland of a comical 50,700 charges "related to computer crimes". And yet he won't be going to prison.

The Daily Dot reports that Julius "zeekill" Kivimaki, who is only 17, has instead been given a two-year suspended sentence, as well as being "ordered to fight against cybercrime". So yeah, that actually happens in real life!

That's not bad, considering Kivimaki was involved in the major attacks on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network last year which crippled services and frustrated millions of customers.


    Wow, that sentence seems a little, err, underwhelming. It's certainly not going to deter any other little douchebags out there that think wrecking other peoples' experience is "fun".

      You could lock him up for life and it wouldn't really deter the other little douche bags from doing this sort of thing either. Sentencing plays a very minimal role in effective deterrence; the most effective factor is the likelihood of detection, and subsequent prosecution and punishment (Which is why the internet with its general anonymity is ripe for this sort of crap; they think they'll get away with it).

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        place his hands on a keyboard then shatter them with a sledgehammer.
        Will he want to look at or touch another keyboard again? No.

    See I totally disagree with this. He is 17 and probably should not pay with a crazy sentence that means the rest of his life is spent behind bars.

    That said what kind of example does this set? Some less intelligent youth will see this, start to learn, get caught and be slapped with a 10 year sentence. For me this only incentivises people to try it rather then stay away.

    I think a 8 year sentence served in special accommodations that allow him to "fight against cybercrime" in a minimum security prison would of been a much better outcome. He would have a job once he left, but is also punished fairly.

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    Should send him to prison and refraining order from touching anything that could have access to the internet. I guess Finland doesn't have any experts against cyber crime and need some help.

    That’s not bad, considering Kivimaki was involved in the major attacks on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network last year which crippled services and frustrated millions of customers

    Not bad for him, at least. Pretty ordinary for everybody else affected by his stupidity.

    While yes the sentence does seem a little on the light side, this kid now has a criminal record for the rest of his life for playing a part in a group of hacker carrying out dos attacks. It might seem like a light sentence now, but for all of his adult life he's now got a criminal conviction he'll have to declare on job applications, travelling visas, credit applications etc just because he did something he thought was just for shits & giggles.

      A lot of countries do not allow people who have criminal records to work for the government. So it might be suspended sentences do not get recorded at all or at 18(in some countries) his record is wiped, depending on severity. Two years suspended might be applicable while served might not be.

      So depending on the laws in Finland they might of had to choose between using him and convicting him.

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        I don't think he's actually 'working' for them, more like community service.

        I didn't notice though that he also undertook swatting against at least 1 guy on multiple occasions. I'm changing my tune now that the sentence should've been a lot more severe for this guy

          Swatted the guy and then stole the guy's family members identities and screwed them financially.

            then that little shit needs to lock up and tortured by having to listen to nothing but the wheels on the bus for 18hrs a day

    Pfft. Now everyone knows that Finland is the place to get caught for shit cos they don't have the balls to properly punish people. "Oh so now you've been caught you feel bad? That's ok just help us out for a bit, promise not to do it again and you're all set!"


    I agree he shouldn't exactly go to jail or anything, but there needs to be real and visible consequences. I remember when I was younger (17ish) in the age of dial up internet, a friend got in trouble and went to court for creating fake BigPond accounts with generated credit card numbers. The accounts only worked for a day or two at a time and were disabled once the numbers were checked, but still - free internet. But obviously over time, someone noticed.

    A whole bunch of us were doing the same thing, but the most prolific amongst us had his computer seized in a police raid, went to court, got a 2 year good behaviour bond, fined around 5-10 thousand, and had to do around 50 hours of community service. Telstra obviously targeted those doing the worst of it and made an example.

    He never had a conviction recorded, so as far as employment goes, he's fine - but he learnt a pretty tough lesson, and I tell you the rest of us shit our pants and straightened up and stopped real fast.

    Point is, it was a particularly dumb thing to do. But at 17, you don't even know your arse from a hole in the ground. We knew it was wrong, but it took consequences to make us realise just how much so.

    "Ordered to fight against cybercrime" makes me think this is a TV pilot.

    Be a criminal, go to prison.
    Be a really good criminal, get hired.

    50k crimes and not going to prison? No wonder these people do dickish pranks, there's no real reason not to aside from not being a dick.

    CSI should hire him so he can help stop whoever has been lighting those fires through the internet

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