New Transformers: Devastation Game Trailer Might Give You Flashbacks

Video: A new trailer for Platinum's upcoming Transformers: Devastation game will give gamers of a certain age flashbacks to their childhood. It's still hard to tell if this game is much more than an arena brawler, though there do seem to at least be some transformation-based moves. For PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4.


    The REAL Transformers!

    If this is half as good as the trailer shows it to be, sign me up!

    oh yeah. that nostalgia. woot!

    Last edited 10/07/15 8:40 am

    Yep first TF game since Fall of Cybertron that I'm seriously considering

    This looks sweet. Please oh please can we have a Fall of Cybertron type game in this style?

    Even Fall of Cybertron didn't feel or look as REAL as this game and that was a damn fine effort.

    I forgot how much i loved the original bumblebee.

    That blocky chassis and friendly look. He was awesome.

    Now now, we all know about trailers.
    Those damn beautiful lies.
    (Heavy breathing)

    I think I just pooped my pants with excitement.

    Not liking the 'in air turn into car and ram attack mechanic' (not in this video) but it looks sweet otherwise. I hope it is varied and long enough.

    This is how the trailer should look

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