Nintendo Is Revamping Miiverse

Nintendo Is Revamping Miiverse

Nintendo is giving the Miiverse, its social network for the 3DS and Wii U, a much-needed redo this year, the company just revealed. The redesign promises a number of easier ways to document and share your gaming experience with other Miiverse-goers.

First up is a new photo album. Nintendo's new Miiverse website says you'll be able to snap and collect up to 100 screenshots while playing games and store them privately.

Nintendo Is Revamping Miiverse

The biggest change is a feature they're calling the "Play Journal," which will replace the activity feed for Miiverse users. Nintendo didn't go into that much detail about how it will work, but in theory it sounds very cool. The Play Journal will allow you to take notes as your playing a game to document your experiences, and each entry will be saved with a screenshot to help you keep track of where you were and what you were doing when you started writing. Neat!

Nintendo Is Revamping Miiverse

Alongside the changes to Miiverse users' personal accounts, Nintendo is also overhauling the community hubs on the network. Once the change goes live, Miiverse-ers will be able to check in on a particular game and navigate between three main types of posts people have been sharing — journal entries, drawings, and discussions.

All of these changes sound like welcome improvements to the Miiverse — an internet hub that, like many of Nintendo's online gaming features, is strangely difficult to navigate and use for many people. Here's hoping the redesign actually does make the network easier to use. It's still Nintendo, after all.


    I keep forgetting about the miiverse and how you can take screenshots of games.

      I love drawing in miiverse! I've done some multi-panel comic sequences before, so it's awesome news that they're removing the posting timer.

      And I like that they're doing the gaming log, that's sort of what miiverse was originally planned to be.

        Going through my past posts, a gaming log is pretty much what I've used it as. Mostly just taking notes of stuff that happened.

        I just hope that as part of it they reverse the change they made to the activity feed, only showing the most recent post of each your friends. That was a dumb change.

          Yeah, hated that! I have a couple of people who post to much into my feed, but this way totally loses the chronology of events.

    I feel like the Miiverse could be so much more. Slot your New SMB disc in? Wiiverse now looks like the Mario World.
    Oh hey lets play level X, in world 4. someone wants to challenge me to a race on this map. Sweet!

    Then release a Pokemon RPG, with full Amiibo support.

    Step 3, literal profit.

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