PlayStation Plus And Games With Gold Lineups Are Out!

PlayStation Plus And Games With Gold Lineups Are Out!

August PS and Games With Gold lineups are out! On PS Plus, it’s Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (PS4), Limbo (PS4), Sound Shapes (PS4, PS3, Vita), Stealth 2 (PS4, PS3, Vita), God of War Ascension (PS3), CastleStorm (PS3, Vita). On Xbox, it’s MGS: Ground Zeroes (XB1), How To Survive (XB1), Metro 2033 (360), and Metro: Last Light (360).

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  • A solid line-up for PS Plus. As a member you are clued in a bit on what’s coming because some of it is normally discounted the week before (Limbo). Kind of a douchy move, but there’s plenty on offer if you own all the consoles.

    • I was so very close to buying Limbo at that discounted price! I’m definitely glad I didn’t! And I do kind of hate that about PS+. I just bought Bastion at 75% off, so I gather it will be free sometime soon.

    • That’s scummy as… Discounting it then giving it away free after haha

      Anyways Pretty sure Xbox gave everyone Limbo free if you bought a console in the first year…

  • Noo… already own and finished Lara croft on ps4, just when I was hoping for a refresh of games it’s the stalest month for me yet.

    The game is fun, but short it’s like a d3 demo and most enjoyed with friends.

    Edit: already own and finished limbo on steam from humble bundle also and both the ps3 titles.. Huge bummer for me.

    • I knew my holding off on Lara Croft would pay dividends (and Stealth Inc. 2 + Castlestorm are the others I don’t already have).

  • I tell you gamming these days may have its downsides broken games releasing etc but it also has its benefits like this! free games every month a casual gamer could quite easily just pay for a console and the subscription (xbl gold PSN etc) and dine out on the free offerings every month and maybe buy the odd must have game that floats there boat.

    • I own both consoles and this is exactly what I do! Works well because i just finished batman and dont have much else besides a couple of last gen games from my pile o’ shame.

  • I knew if I held out on paying WAY too much for MGS that I’d get it for free at some point before the new game is released!


    • I loved it! It’s a very clever platformer that tells a story (if you look for it), and the music is so, so charming. Collecting everything to make your own levels is so fun too, and very very intuitive. The single that Beck wrote for it, “Cities” is incredible.

    • I had fun with it, up until I tried the challenge mode which was a bit too difficult for me to master. Some of the challenges are randomised, so it feels like you need luck to beat them.

      There is also a level editor with community levels, which could give some extra enjoyment.

    • It’s good fun! This update excites me because I already own Sound Shapes, but on my US account, which prevented me from playing it on the vita. Now I can!

  • Well, I guess I might as well check out Ground Zeroes then. I wasn’t going to, but for free, why not?

  • That’s a great PS+ lineup. I’ve played Limbo and Sound Shapes but am more than happy to go through them again.
    Tomb Raider is a bonus.

  • cool ive wanted to try ground zeroes but refused to pay $40 for a demo so i can give it a go now.

  • This is actually a pretty good month for me! I didn’t wanna pay for Ground Zeroes, I’ve always wanted to try the Metro series of games (shame that they’re not the next-gen counterparts but I’m sure there’s not too much difference so whatever) and God of War’s always awesome, so I’m pretty happy with the selection this month!

    • Edit: Sorry, realised you’re talking about Xbox

      Hey, just FYI you can get demos of the Metro game of the Playstation store which are fairly lengthy. I think there’s like 9 levels per game? I can’t remember sorry, but I downloaded them about a month or so ago and have been waiting to try them out on my ps4

      • Yep, my fault. Shoulda clarified. I don’t think the demos are available on Xbone, but for real? Nine levels? Wowsers.

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