You Will Never Be As Good As These Rocket League Players

You Will Never Be As Good As These Rocket League Players

The sooner we all accept this, the sooner we can all move on.

Even as I’ve become more and more comfortable with Rocket League, scanning YouTube for highlights quickly reminds me that I’ll never, ever approach what some people are pulling off.

The score above is courtesy of Fyshokid, currently fifth on the ranked 3v3 leaderboards. (There are separate leaderboards for ranked and non-ranked matches.) It may be one of his better shots, but it’s hardly the only unbelievable thing he’s pulled off in Rocket League.

Take a look at this goal, for example:

You Will Never Be As Good As These Rocket League Players

Anyone who’s played a few hours of Rocket League has accidentally pulled off a hilarious trick shot, but folks like Fyshokid are doing this on a regular basis — this is not an accident of physics.

One reason folks like Fyshokid are so good is because they have been playing earlier versions of the game, and I’m not talking about the game’s beta or alpha. Rocket League is actually a sequel to a game most people haven’t heard of: Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-cars.

They have been practicing for a while now. (Rocket League is a far superior name!)

But it doesn’t make this shot from Kronovi, number one on ranked 2v2, any less impressive:

You Will Never Be As Good As These Rocket League Players

My jaw’s on the floor while watching these highlights because, like most players, I struggle to pull off shots on the ground, let alone sailing through the air. Piloting your car is not easy feat, yet Kronovi and Fyshokid make it seem utterly effortless.

You Will Never Be As Good As These Rocket League Players

God damn.

There’s plenty more where that came from, too.

Hey, at least I’ve got something to strive for?


    • No we will not! The last two times I’ve played I’ve struggled with just getting my car into the right area of the pitch!

  • Watching these videos confirms how I’ve been feeling playing RL as of late….. that the biggest cock-block to pulling off great plays isn’t the opposition, but your own team.

    The way to actually have a great, flowing game with some strategic plays has nothing to do with the skill of opponents, but your own team mates. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to set up a nice play, or have gone to line up a shot from the perfect angle, when suddenly one of my mouth-breather team mates comes along and smashes the ball god knows where, like the game is ‘ball chaser 2000’ or something…..

    • YEP. my last few games involved my teammates smashing the ball or my car whenever something is lined up

  • I have scored a few goals.
    But this game can be frustrating at times.
    Especially when you line up a shot. And your own team mate rams you out of the way.

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