A Fallout Shelter Bug Basically Guarantees You Will Get Legendary Loot

A Fallout Shelter Bug Basically Guarantees You Will Get Legendary Loot

The risk-reward element of exploring the wasteland in Fallout Shelter is pretty simple. The longer they’re out exploring, the higher the probability of terrific loot. So let’s increase that probability.

It’s called a negative time glitch and, as YouTuber Gym Leader Matt explains, it basically cons Fallout Shelter into thinking your dweller has been exploring for decades by tricking the game around the time loot is about to drop.

It’s not 100% reliable, but when it comes off you’re basically guaranteed to get legendary gear. What you need is a dweller who has been exploring for at least a couple of hours.

The trick revolves around sending a bunch of dwellers out right when the game is about to give an item to your veteran explorer. The video explains.

Pretty neat trick. You’d imagine that Bethesda will patch this sooner rather than later, but given that it works on all platforms and is a little tricky to execute it might be something that you can use for a while.


  • Well.. on my phone, if loot involves an outfit from a returning dweller, then I get “nothing”. If they return with only a weapon, I get it.. but if it’s an outfit or an outfit with weapon, all returned items suddenly go missing.

  • Yeah, considering how incredibly buggy the game is at present, and how there doesn’t seem to be any rush on Bethesda’s part to patch any of them, I doubt exploits will be touched either.

    • Well they’ve already made a heap of money from it and if they fix any bugs, anyone who’s still actually playing it might have time to realise that they’re dying on the inside, one tap at a time.

  • Sorry this is off topic, but I’ve been playing this game for a few days now and I was doing really well. I had two rare characters but I rushed my diner, had a radroach infestation, and now all but three (I revived one) of my dwellers are dead and I have 29 Caps, so this is pretty great. Does anyone know something I can do about this? Thanks!

    • happened to me too. molerats destroyed 10 of my guys. save up the caps and revive them. took me 2 days, and happiness was like 30% but now its back up to 90% and i have expanded my vault 2x since then. in the future take precautions by equipping weapons to everyone. when someone is about to die and you have no more stimpacks, swap them for someone else in another room.

    • The only way is to start a new vault. Depending on how many dwellers you have, but if you’re low on caps, and having dead dwellers, its not worth waiting since room progression slows down than usual. happened to me when raiders attacked my vault and kills 4 of my new dwellers. Also side tip, always put two of your dwellers that has decent amount of strenght and perception guarding your vault door. Equip them with at least the highest weapon stats and outfits you have because when raiders or godforsaken deathclaw attacks, the two dwellers will do all the heavy works. Hopes this helps.

  • How the glitch where the game crashes and won’t start? Good work Bethesda, I can’t even delete the app because I was dumb enough to buy lunch boxes

    • how does that stop you deleting the game?

      also, BETHESDA, what part of that word makes you think “oh this will surely be a remotely glitch/bug/crash free game within a year of release!”.

      • I think what he meant is that he doesn’t want to uninstall the game not because he can’t, but because purchased some of the lunchbox and it would be a waste of money to unistall.

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