Fallout Shelter’s Sequel Could Be Launching Globally

Fallout Shelter’s Sequel Could Be Launching Globally

In 2019, Fallout Shelter received a sequel called Fallout Shelter Online. It added modes like PvP, a new gacha system for collecting allies and the ability to play online — but it was exclusive to China. Now, the game may be getting a global launch.

The news was first reported by MMOCulture, which claimed that Fallout Shelter Online would finally launch “in the near future” in English, Korean and Japanese, with pre-registration reported as officially open.

While it is listed on the Google Play Store, pre-registration doesn’t appear to be open in Australia. Attempts to pre-register in countries like Poland and England have also failed, according to Reddit.

A pre-registration website (which appears to be legitimate) is now live, but records zero players as having entered the vault. Other than the U.S.-based pre-registration links on the page, a handful pre-registration rewards are also listed including Fallout 4‘s Hancock as a dweller, Nuka-Cola Quantum bottles for the game and even a PlayStation 4 Pro. (It’s likely that these physical rewards would not be available in Australia.)

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A global release date for Fallout Shelter Online has not been confirmed, but the official Apple app store of the Philippines lists its release as April 22.

Kotaku Australia has reached out to Bethesda to confirm the global release of Fallout Shelter Online. This story will be updated should we hear back.

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  • Fallout shelter was pretty solid for a free to play game. Hopefully this isn’t utter shit like Blades was.

      • Not sure about a Switch release, but the game itself was a boring, grindfest through 3 samey looking tilesets that made you wait hours and hours to open a chest full of low level mats. Mats you needed to accumulate in ridiculous amounts to do anything. It was egregious in how badly it wanted to inconvenience you unless you funneled money into it.

        It had really shitty feeling controls, too.

  • Just another way to grab money for random stuff, instead of actually releasing (making) a new game. Seems to be an in general concept these days.

  • Is it just me or are AAA Devs becoming so bad at releasing games that they are only able to release mobile games successfuly nowadays. It’s like watching devolution.

  • This does not look like a Bethesda product based on that web site link provided.

    I’d be cautious about entering in any personal information and I’d definitely use a burner email.

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