Cosplayer Forgets Something Very Important 

Cosplayer Forgets Something Very Important

Costume and accessories? Check. Makeup and hairdo? Check. Sunscreen? Um...

Cosplayer Ayane Maro dressed up as Death Note's Misa Amane during the recent Comic Market in Tokyo. This weekend was hot and sunny, and Ayane forgot to put on sunblock.

Cosplayer Forgets Something Very Important

[Photo: aru_nico]

You might think, well, her sunburn probably wasn't that noticeable.

Cosplayer Forgets Something Very Important
Cosplayer Forgets Something Very Important

[Photo: aru_nico]

You, then, would be wrong.

Top photo: aru_nico


    mmmm, ham.

      i thought the same thing

        I thought "mmm... waffles".

          mmmmm Waffles with ham and maple syrup

          I thought "mmm....legs" guess i'm not as hungry as you guys

            I thought: Trendy office tower, with tinted glass windows.
            Then I thought of my psychology lecturer: "Any building taller than it is wide is a penis. Any building wider than it is tall is a penis - lying on its side"
            Now I'm thinking about TWO office towers, with windows that look like the pattern on this girl's legs. Maybe a radio tower on top of one, looking like a stiletto heel. Making the casual observer say "That is NOT a penis".

    Meh, it's not as bad as being a lobster face

    I hope Hayley Elise will be doing cosplay stories in future

    Ha! That happened to me once, except with sunglasses. On my face.

    Last edited 18/08/15 10:10 am

      Same, only I was snowboarding and after removing my goggles I ended up looking like a racoon for a few weeks.

    Suddenly have the urge to play Ultimate Tic Tac Toe...

    I guess it's a good thing that most conventions in Australia happens during our wetter days.

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