Crazy Rocket League Goal Banks, Goes The Distance

Crazy Rocket League Goal Banks, Goes The Distance

Oh, you think you've scored some long-range Rocket League goals? This is as long range as range as it gets.

I don't know what's more impressive. The fact this went in without bouncing, or the fact it went in at all.

The gif up top is the "easy" part. Below is the full thing.


    Holy shitballs.

    Were they trying to do that or did they just get lucky?

    Repeat it if you're gonna claim it.

    Hoping for an xbone release of this eventually. Looks like one of the most entertaining games going round atm.

      That'd be great. I'd love to have another crack at doing my stats now that I've spent some time on the PS4 version. :P

    Wow! Someone scored a goal in a game about scoring goals! How amazing! Hope to see heaps more posts about people scoring goals!

      Yeah, I don't want to have to be this person, but enough is enough. I love Rocket League, but I don't care about a cool goal someone got one time, every time.

        But what about me? I love to see cool goals that someone got one time, every time! :-P

          Then go out there and score some, @zambayoshi! Believe in yourself and be the someone that scores cool goals you were born to be.

            *sings* "I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky!"

            (rather appropriate for Rocket


    The article's title clearly states it's a post about goals in Rocket League.

    My suggestion: Keep scrolling down. Or go bang your head against a brick wall.

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