Deus Ex Propaganda Posters Spotted In The Wild

Deus Ex Propaganda Posters Spotted In The Wild

If you live in a big city you’ve probably seen many poster walls around that are plastered with an ever-changing sequence of ads, sometimes a whole row of the same thing and other times just a assortment of stuff or, when worse comes to worst, every Mortdecai character poster in sequence. It appears Square Enix has put a few anti-cyborg propaganda posters into the mix on some of those walls in NYC. Very interesting.

(In case you have some doubts about it being a Deus Ex thing, the web site on the poster,, just leads to the official Deus Ex site.)

Image above is via uprooxx. Update: A closer view was also posted on reddit, seen below


    • Agreed. More fictional propaganda advertising please.
      I still remember the marketing campaign for The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1. It was mostly just propaganda videos for the Capitol, with the occasional interruption by the resistance. Plus, closer to release, there were mockingjay symbols graffitied around certain places. It was pretty cool.
      I’ve also seen bill posters for a rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar that took the form of propaganda. I didn’t even know what it was until I looked it up. Best way to advertise, got me intrigued.

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