Former Game Of War Developer Charged With 'Stealing Trade Secrets'

Former Game Of War Developer Charged With

A former developer at Machine Zone — the studio most famous for its Kate Upton-fronted Game of War mobile game — has been arrested and is facing up to 10 years prison after being accused of "stealing trade secrets".

AFP reports that after learning he was soon to be out of a job, 42-year-old Jing Zeng "used a company laptop to download the digital files, transferred them to an external storage drive, then wiped and reformatted the laptop before returning it to Machine Zone".

Zeng was arrested while trying to board a flight to China last week. If convicted, in addition to possible jailtime he's also looking at a potential $US250,000 fine.


    He was probably just trying to keep the pictures of kate upton

      Perhaps it was the secret schematics which show how to make armour out of aluminium foil?

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