Sins Developer Accuses Former Employee Of Deleting Everything Before She Quit

Sometimes when you leave a job, it's mutual, and everything's cool! Other times, you may want to feel the need to punch out with a little "fuck you" scrawled on your former place of employ. That can be fine, sometimes, but there are limits. And Stardock, the developers of Sins of a Solar Empire, are accusing a former staffer of pushing way past those limits.

Alexandra Miseta, former marketing manager for Stardock, is being taken to court by the developer and stands accused of "deleting, destroying and/or stealing" a whole range of data from the company, including analytics, trade show information and even some "material" from one of Stardock's games, Elemental: War of Magic. Oh, and she's alleged to have stolen a company laptop, too.

Interestingly, it's alleged Miseta took this action only three weeks away from Elemental's launch. That game's release was a disaster, and while you can't lay all of that at the feet of one possibly malicious employee, it certainly couldn't have helped.

Stardock are after damages in the ballpark of $US1 million.

Brad Wardell sues employee for one million dollars [PDFCast, via Polygon]


    Lot of articles about people/companies being dicks today :(
    Not sure if that one about the Vigil employee has made it to Kotaku.

    They didn't have backups? Think their IT people should be the ones in trouble! Plenty other ways to help minimize the impact of these kinds of things too. A little more forward planning on the company side might have gone a long way to lessening the impact too. Sure she's done bad, and should rightly cop it for doing so, but sounds like she's not the only one to blame on this one! :0

      If its an intentional act to mess somethng up, having backups isnt gonna help too much.

        And even if they had backups, you dont just go "HA! WE HAVE BACKUPS!!!" and carry on like nothing happened...
        ... plus, she did steal a notebook

    It depends on the contract they had with her - Some companies are distancing themselves from their employees by having it so they are sub contractors - so if they don't intend to pay her for content she has created or have shafted her over dividends - she has every right to take what she created for failure to pay up. Apparently she created a million dollars worth.

      but most contracts are worded to the effect of 'if you make it on company time, it belongs to the company.'
      so, even if they short changed her, she was stealing / destroying property that did not belong to her.

        Yeah, basic copyright law says that if you're paid to make something, the people doing the paying own the copyright.

        Marketing managers don't create anything but farts. Trust me, I've witnessed it first hand.




          You dont understand how marketing works do you?

    i replaced a sys admin who left disgruntled, he left floppy discs in servers with boot discs with an autoexec starting a fdisk job to change all the partitions on the hard drives from ntfs to fat32, of 1Gb each. Fortunately he was a pussy and only did it to two machines, an AV server for symantec and an old image server that had ghost images on it. That and the fact I'd turned off booting from floppy on all the servers as I rebooted them.

    What an idiot.

    Good luck getting another job outside of a fast food chain.

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