I Fear For The Live-Action Prison School Drama

I Fear for the Live-Action Prison School Drama

A raunchy comedy about five boys incarcerated at a former all-girls school... And now they're making a live-action version of it.

Announced on Famitsu.com, the popular manga, Prison School, the anime adaptation of which is currently being aired, is being made into a live-action drama series.

The story centres around the protagonist, Kiyoshi Fujino, one of five boys enrolled in a former girls school. Outnumbered over 200 to 1, the boys expected their school life to be a harem heaven, only to discover the existence of a secret student council that — after an attempt to spy on the girls' shower — incarcerates the boys in the school's prison.

The plot sets itself up for lots of risqué, wacky comedy, a mainstay of both the original manga and anime, which may explain the series' popularity, among other things. However, as we've seen in the trend in Japan of "making an anime and then a live action adaptation," while the anime versions are relatively decent, the live-action adapations... Not so much.

I Fear for the Live-Action Prison School Drama

Let me be perfectly honest, I don't WANT this drama series to be bad. But living in Japan, I've seen the quality of their dramas. It's not a great track record. I've seen a few episodes of the currently airing Death Note live action-drama adaptation and that thing is practically a hate crime. So, while I have hopes that the upcoming Prison School drama will be fun and entertaining, considering the nature of the story and Japan's tendency to mangle their live-action adaptations, they are probably hollow hopes at best.

One thing that does give this project a faint glimmer of hope is that the man chosen to direct and work on the script is one Noboru Iguchi. People will recognise him from such cult classics as The Machine Girl and Robo Geisha. If perhaps he can successfully inject some of his trademark wackiness into the Prison School drama, then it might not be so bad. Here's hoping.

I Fear for the Live-Action Prison School Drama

Prison School the live action drama series is set to air in Japan starting in October.


    Just did a google image search for Prison School...

    I'm okay with this!

    Just go and Google prison school gifs for a bit, then come back here and laugh manically as you contemplate the insanity of this business decision, this is a surefire disaster that will potentially be the most entertaining (in a movie 43 "oh god why" way) thing i will ever witness

    Actually I think Japanese Dramas are usually quite good as long as they're not Sci-fi, fantasy or action based, which is understandable given the budget constraints these shows work with.

    Some of the best slice-of-life and light comedy dramas I've seen over the years have been from Japan

    There is a very similar English show That starred a Pre Fame Chris Evans and Allison Mack.

      That would be this:

    So you're worried a live action version of a japanese sex comedy surrounding girls in prison but focused on a boy will not be as good as the original?

    Ok. I guess Miss Congeniality 2 wasn't as good as the original, either so what's the worst that could happen?

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