Raunchy Anime Turned Into Raunchy Live-Action Show

Raunchy Anime Turned Into Raunchy Live-Action Show

Prison School, which follows five boys who enter an insanely strict, former all-girls school, is getting a live-action TV show. If you’ve seen the anime or read the manga, you know where this is going.

If not, well, the show’s trailer (below) should bring you up to speed pretty quick!

Prison School‘s protagonist is a student named Kiyoshi Fujino, one of five boys enrolled in the school. Outnumbered over 200 to 1, the boys expected their school life to be a harem heaven.

But, as previously posted, they soon discover the existence of a secret student council that incarcerates the boys in the school’s prison after they try to peep in the girls’ shower. The manga and anime are pretty wacky! And that, along with sadomasochism, are what the TV show appears to be aiming for.

Prison School begins airing this October in Japan.


  • The dominating girls boobs aren’t big enough. But then again, the manga/anime is extremely unrealistic in that regard.

    I liked what I’ve read in the manga, I struggled with the anime due to the “blinding white light of cenorship” being used with panty shots, so I’m holding out till the bluray release for that one. It’s a real shame that no fan sub groups do subs for live action shows outside of Sentai/Rider series.

  • Not true, there’s some subbing going on for the current live action version of death note note right now, so there’s a chance some group will pick this up. 🙂

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