Nvidia Recalling Shield Tablet For Possible Fire Hazard

Nvidia Recalling Shield Tablet For Possible Fire Hazard

Last year, Nvidia started selling a gaming-focused hybrid tablet. Today, they're instituting a voluntary recall because the battery can overheat to dangerous, fire-sparking levels.

A press release sent out today says that Nvidia is offering replacement devices for the the 8-inch Shield tablets and that recall doesn't affect other Nvidia products. More from the release:

NVIDIA is asking customers to visit www.nvidia.com/support/tabletrecall for information on how to obtain a replacement device. NVIDIA is also asking consumers to stop using the recalled tablet, except as needed to participate in the recall and back up data. Consumers will receive a replacement tablet after registering to participate in the recall.   NVIDIA is coordinating with appropriate governmental agencies to ensure that the recall follows established industry practices.


    nVIDIA Shield tablet is **** anyway, imo of course

      actually the tablet is pretty great. Comparable performance of Nexus 9 even when it is a much older tablet.

    Pretty good response from nVidia imo. It never looks good to have to recall anything, but it took about 5 minutes to do the RMA, and they're sending the new one out before I have to send back the old, so there's no downtime.

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