Red Bull Interviewed Smash Bros. Pros About New Patch

"My personal favourite change is Fox getting his jab weakened because I have zero experience in that matchup," he said. "But now I'm not scared of getting jabbed at 50 and dying." Red Bull interviewed Smash Bros. pros about the new patch, and they make some good points about what the character buffs mean for the game.


    Too bad they didn't buff Samus. Sigh.

    Also, there is a bit of misinformation in the article:

    "The best Pikachu in the US, Eric “PG | ESAM” Lew served as reigning champion ZeRo’s main worry coming into EVO, and put up a decent fight on the day. But in the end, custom skull bash proved not to be enough to end his unstoppable streak."

    ESAM never actually faced ZeRo at EVO, unfortunately. He was knocked into the loser's bracket by Abadango and then knocked out in loser's by Ally. This paragraph suggests that he actually played ZeRo and didn't beat him but that wasn't the case. He never had the chance to play him.

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