Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pros Weigh In On Which Characters Are Strongest

Five Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pros recently shared their thoughts on which character they think is the strongest, and some of their answers are surprising.

“I think the best character is clearly Joker now,” said Smash streamer and top Smash 4 player Gonzalo “Zero” Barrios, citing the domination of fellow pro and Joker player Leonardo “MKLeo” Lopez. Lopez has been on a tear since Smash Ultimate’s release, winning most major tournaments. “If I have to ask myself which character is the best, I only have results to go by.”

That said, Lopez started out playing the fighters Lucina and Ike and still dominated with them. When asked which character he thinks is best, Lopez said that he doesn’t think it’s Joker. “I just think I’m good. He’s still really good, but he’s not the best.”

Other pros interviewed in the video cited Wolf and Snake as their top fighters. One mentioned the newer fighter Hero and cited his “Hocus Pocus” ability, which randomly grants Hero a special power, like making him enormous or invisible. (Some tournaments have wrestled with the idea of banning Hero due in part to the randomness of attacks like this one.)

The video, published by Dexerto, is here:

Don’t let what the pros say convince you to switch your main. In fact, the top Wolf player, Sota “Zackray” Okada, won his first major tournament using six different fighters. And not a lot of top players are playing Snake. Consider how a Japanese Duck Hunt player owned opponents at a recent tournament, despite the fighter’s mid-tier status, in part because his playstyle wasn’t widely understood.

The fighters Snake, Joker, Pikachu, Palutena, Wolf and Daisy sit atop Smash Ultimate’s tier lists, but as Kotaku has reported, tier lists are full of shit.

I’ll stick with Palutena, personally. Not because she’s top tier. But because I like her and she’s top tier.

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