Reported DDoS Attack Delays Dota 2 International For Three Hours

Reported DDoS Attack Delays Dota 2 International For Three Hours

The second day of the biggest DOTA 2 tournament around, The International, was at a standstill for three hours today, thanks to an intense DDoS attack. The matches have since resumed.

Up until a few minutes ago, not a single round in The International’s second day had been completed.

Various Internet-related issues have plagued The International since it started, but commentators reportedly told the crowd DDoS attacks were responsible for today’s holdup.

Unsurprisingly, folks were kind of upset, especially the fans who were waiting in the arena.

Valve has not responded to my request for comment.


  • That tweet from Wildhawklol is in reference to League of Legends and has nothing to do with the international.

  • The article forgot the best part of it. Optanet, who was charged with providing a stable network infrastructure for the core systems due to their claims of being able to prevent things like this happening posted the following Tweet the day before this happened:
    Your event internet or wifi having issues? Just let us know and we can make sure your event is remembered for all the right reasons.

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