The Fallout New Vegas Hero Who Didn’t Heal Once Is Running Through Fallout 3

The Fallout New Vegas Hero Who Didn’t Heal Once Is Running Through Fallout 3

Beating Fallout: New Vegas without healing a single time was remarkable. Now the wizard responsible is trying to repeat the miracle with Fallout 3.

Many A True Nerd’s efforts working through New Vegas were astonishing, particularly when you considered the fact that he factored in the real amount of damage he had taken throughout his playthrough by discounting the 0.66hp/second healing that New Vegas automatically applies.

In New Vegas, Many A True Nerd maxed out intelligence and endurance, while dumping charisma, boosting luck slightly and dropping strength by one. But because some of Fallout 3’s skills act as multipliers, strength has to be the “dump stat”.

For a Fallout 3 no healing run, Many A True Nerd favours science, repair, medicine and big guns, with melee falling by the wayside.

Big Guns are a “function of endurance” and not strength and, supposedly, most of the best weapons fall under Big Guns. Medicine isn’t great when you can’t heal, but there are some added benefits that can’t be ignored.

Many A True Nerd starts with 280hp. Watch below to see him run through Vault 101 — which is an awful lot more intense than you’d expect, even for a Fallout expert.


      • By chance yes I will be at pax got my 3 day pass ready cant wait. Also apologies if my comment sounded harsh, that wasnt my intention

  • Good on him, reminds me of my child hood, playing a game so much you know it back to front I guess that was hitman: contracts for me.

    Kind of inspires me to blow the digital dust of a few games i have finished already and play through them again.

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