YouTube's Top 10 'Trending' Games For July

YouTube's Top 10 'Trending' Games For July

Anyone remember July 2015? Ended a couple of weeks ago? Well, people watched a lot of video games online that month, as they do. And, as YouTube does, the video giant has shared a list of top 10 "trending" games on the service for the month.

Remember, this list is not strictly a list of the games that got the most uploads. YouTube determines "trending" status through a combination of number of video uploads and watchtime. Here are July 2015's top 10:

1. Rocket League

2. Life Is Strange

3. Terraria

4. Godzilla

5. NBA 2K16

6. God of War III

7. World of Warships

8. Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

9. Path of Exile

10. J-Stars Victory VS

That top game isn't much of a surprise. People are crazy about Rocket League. And Life is Strange continues to do really well. Godzilla, though? Why, people, why?

Which games will reign in August?


    What a strange list. Rocket league is a given, life is strange kinda makes sense but the rest... Strange. No minecraft either - is that weird?

    I wonder if that means a whole bunch of people are experiencing life is strange solely through YT. Or if the majority of those views are alternate paths. With games that are pretty much solely story, would be interesting to see how much business they lose over people just watching it online instead of purchasing and playing the games themselves, vs how much they gain thanks to discovery. Gotta admit, there's a few games I've just watched through on YT rather than playing.

      Reckon a lot of Terraria vids are "how-to"s which are very popular. Such as "how to kill x boss in x difficulty" ... I know I've had to look up a whole bunch of strats like that

    8. Rory McIlroy PGA Tour ???

    Also no Ark Survival Evolved?

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