5 Hilarious Metal Gear Solid V Helicopter Songs

5 Hilarious Metal Gear Solid V Helicopter Songs

There's nothing like dashing away on your horse after infiltrating a compound, calling in a pick-up, and then hearing your favourite song blaring in the distance as the helicopter makes its way closer to you.

It's gratifying. Cathartic. And sometimes, damn funny — especially if you're playing on the PC version of Metal Gear Solid V. You see, folks playing on the PC version have the option of importing music to The Phantom Pain. As you might expect, people are taking advantage of this opportunity by pairing the helicopter with the best/worst songs possible. Here are some of my favourites.

America, Fuck Yeah - Via SqeezyCheez

All Star - Via ultrabrilliant

The Time Is Now - Via Verbose Toast

(If you like that one, I'm guessing you'll also appreciate this clip of WWE Entrance Music in Metal Gear Solid V uploaded by Dan Ryckert.)

Get Low - Via Thomas Rhodes

Batman Theme - Via Dark Fade

What are you guys importing into the game? And in case you don't actually know how to do this — here's a quick primer. Now go out there and add the worst possible songs to The Phantom Pain. I believe in you.


    Oh I'm totally adding "The Trooper" and a few other Iron Maiden tracks to my game then!

    Any other pre 1985 heavy metal/rock bands worth having a look for?

    *edit* Another thought, Ghostbusters theme?

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      or the Inspector Gadget's theme song!

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      The Master of Puppets album has a few contenders.

      As far as Iron Maiden is concerned, "Aces High" might fit surprisingly well, even if hipster Maiden fans detest it.

    I'm a console guy (usually Xbox One) , and I dont get into the PC/Console aurgument/debate, but i have to say, I am jealous of that feature. It would be cool to hear some Faith No More on mission.

      Oh YES! 'Falling to pieces" would be epic (no pun intended)

    I'm rocking a Biggie Smalls/ Thomas the Tank Engine mix. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EJpP7ZId-mc

    Works like a charm.

    "Ride of the Valkyries" of course. (The Apocalypse Now references in episode 6 of GATE were hilarious.) [Edit: per @wa1dofoo, apparently this is already in there. Sorry. Maybe Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks instead?]
    Possibly the 1812 Overture if sticking to the classics.
    "What a Wonderful World" - Louis Armstrong.
    "Afternoon Delight" - Starland vocal band. Mainly for the chorus.

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      Ride of the Valkyries is already in the game, no need to import it yourself. Seems like any game that allows customised music in a chopper will have this tune - thanks Apocalypse Now!

    Fortunate Son -CCR is the perfect song for arriving in the battlefield via chopper.

    Do I have to get to a certain point in the story to select chopper music?
    I went looking yesterday and didn't see an option for it.

      Linked in the article: http://www.pcgamer.com/how-to-add-your-own-songs-to-metal-gear-solid-5/

        I know generally people don't don't do it, but I did actually check the link before commenting. ;)

        Pretty sure I already checked "in the options menu", but based on your response, you don't need to progress the story to unlock it, so I guess I'm just blind...


          I'll be honest here, my only knowledge of this is from reading the article, but I did indeed assume that you hadn't done so. It's a pretty common occurrence!

          So if you tried it, and it didn't work, I got nothing.

            Yeah, hence why I don't blame you for assuming I didn't read it. ;)

            Anyway, I found the option this afternoon. It's done under cassette tapes by selecting one and pressing X (or equivalent).

          There's an R&D upgrade for the helicopter. I think it's available by default, but I know some sort of progression is required before you can upgrade your helicopter. I think maybe you need R&D facilities at Mother Base.
          I'm not sure if you can listen to custom tracks, but you can listen to any of the tapes you've found at any time using the iDroid.

          [Edit: The upgrade is called Speaker. Once you have it you can go to your tapes, select one and then you should have an option for Set Helicopter Music. Then your helicopters will blast that track whenever they're around.]

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    This article made my day. Thank you.

    Die Mutherfucker (Still) - Geto Boys

    End of story.

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    This is why consoles need a custom soundtrack feature again! Man, I wish my PC was good enough to run this. I would totally have my copter blasting the Attack on Titan theme.

    I don't have the game yet because I'm a stingy bastard (and I've got a reasonably hefty pile of shame) but I feel like this might work well. Not really funny, but everyone else said the good stuff.

    Eclipse - Pink Floyd

    Nuclear- Mike Oldfield or New Order- Elegia.

    Bonus points because these tracks were used for MGSV trailers :-)



    Where the heck is Shoot to Thrill?!

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