A Final Fantasy Themed Wedding

A Final Fantasy Themed Wedding

Grace and her husband got married last month in Hawaii (congrats!). Since they're big Final Fantasy fans, they decided that the logical thing was, well, a Final Fantasy themed wedding.

Type-0 outfits made for fancy groom wear! And the bride is dressed as Garnet til Alexandros XVII from Final Fantasy IX.

There are a bunch of nice touches in their outfits and accessories. The newlyweds even made a FAQ for attendees to bring everyone up to speed with what Final Fantasy was.


    Married in Traditional Wedding Kimonos, then our reception was mandatory cosplay. Myself and groomsmen were star wars universe, my wife and bridesmaids were sailor scouts.
    Game music all night, 3 tier Dota/wow/harvest moon cake cut by a master sword.
    Good times were had by all.

    Aw, that was sweet.
    Lucky their walk down the aisle wasn't interrupted without warning by a trio of creatures seeking turn based combat.

      I think that would have been the icing on the cake if you ask me.

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