Making Final Fantasy XV Involved: Rock Climbing, Hiking, And A Giraffe

Making Final Fantasy XV Involved: Rock Climbing, Hiking, and a Giraffe

You just thought the people making Final Fantasy XV sat inside all day in front of computers? They probably do! But sometimes, they go outside and do stuff in the name of FFXV. Adventurous stuff.

The above clip shows the FFXV team as they looked for real-world locations for Final Fantasy XV. Besides being skilled at making games, the FFXV team seems to be good at making food while camping.


    That's it, I paid hundreds of dollars on games legitimately to have them fuck up, delete saves, poor ports and unfinished versions I sware from this day on I am pirating every game. Can anyone really blame me for trying to do the right thing and pay when the cracked version works better??? Fuck supporting these cunts.

      I am not sure if you are trolling or what? If you aren't however that is some pretty flimsy reasoning for what is essentially not supporting the development of games that you apparently play.

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