More Of This Please, Sports Video Games

More Of This Please, Sports Video Games

This Spike Lee Joint™ (or, trailer for it) is a little too dramatic in places, but whatever. This kind of singleplayer madness is what I want from all sports games. Not just NBA2K, but FIFA and Madden too.

And also Mario vs Sonic at the Olympics.


  • I bet its still like last years where you are forced in to one story line and some cut scenes do not fit at all with what just happened in a game.

  • I would definitely prefer a “rise to fame” style game rather than just being thrown into a new season of NBA, NHL, NFL, FIFA etc. Kind of like how GTA San Andreas did things..

  • Please just combine FIFA\NBA\NHL\NFL (whatever) and GTA style open world. Basically a life simulator if you happened to be a talented sports person.

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