More Of This Please, Sports Video Games

More Of This Please, Sports Video Games

This Spike Lee Joint™ (or, trailer for it) is a little too dramatic in places, but whatever. This kind of singleplayer madness is what I want from all sports games. Not just NBA2K, but FIFA and Madden too.

And also Mario vs Sonic at the Olympics.


    This may just make me buy my 2nd NBA game since 2009.

    I bet its still like last years where you are forced in to one story line and some cut scenes do not fit at all with what just happened in a game.

    I would definitely prefer a "rise to fame" style game rather than just being thrown into a new season of NBA, NHL, NFL, FIFA etc. Kind of like how GTA San Andreas did things..

    Please just combine FIFA\NBA\NHL\NFL (whatever) and GTA style open world. Basically a life simulator if you happened to be a talented sports person.

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