Nintendo Announces Pikmin 4 In The Weirdest Way

Nintendo Announces Pikmin 4 In The Weirdest Way

The fourth instalment of the popular strategy title is in the works and “close to completion” according to Nintendo head designer Shigeru Miyamoto in an interview that’s over a month old.

In a bizarre move Eurogamer has suddenly announced what could be one of the biggest upcoming Nintendo games today and the information is from July. The URL of the announcement even has 7-20 tacked on at the end, making us wonder if this news was embargoed by the Big N until today. It’s highly unlikely Eurogamer forgot to spill such big news for the last month.

But hey, new Pikmin! That’s exciting. Especially considering it took so long for Nintendo to produce a third title in the series. There is no announcement on whether Pikmin 4 will be coming to the Wii U or Nintendo’s NX system. The 3DS could handle a Pikmin title, so maybe we’ll see a new mobile version. Here’s hoping.



  • Cool! But odd. I can only assume it is either a quick same-engine sequel for WiiU to fill up software gaps, or a launch title for NX.
    Pikmin would be horrible on a handheld device. How could you possibly see them all on such a little screen?

    • Hold on….why would you announce you are making it but not even say what it’s coming out for?
      If it’s close to completion, we’ll probably see it around the holiday season or early next year. The NX’s closest release date would be the latter half of next year but most likely the holiday season if even hits in 2016. So pretty sure this will not be for the NX.

  • This game needs two things.

    1. Bring back the C-Stick controlling of Pikmin. Was so useful in Pikmin 2 to be able to use the c-stick to direct a stream of Pikmin to a particular item or enemy.

    2. The Piklopedia.

    Oh and I’m adding 3. Online Multiplayer would be amazing.

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