Rocket League’s Next Big Patch Is Coming In A Few Weeks

Rocket League’s Next Big Patch Is Coming In A Few Weeks

Briefly: Rocket League‘s next big patch is coming in a few weeks, and it will let you immediately play another ranked game when a match is over (finally!), filter out PS4 players while on PC, fix the endemic of ******** usernames, kick off the game’s first competitive season and more.


  • On the names topic. Nothing like seeing a goal and a giant text stating that ‘YOUR MOTHER SCORED”.

    Kinda glad they’ll fix the dot names.

  • Why would you filter PS4 players?
    Also if they allow filtering PS4 players won’t that be bad for PS4 players?

    • I can think of 2 reasons.
      1. Frames
      2. PC Master Race etc

      (I play on ps4 & am happy to play with anyone. I’m sure there are other reasons.)

  • Hopefully a few other things can be fixed like
    – match not starting until the game has loaded you in the right place (many times I’ve had a match start with the camera facing up and I cant see where I am going for about 2-3 seconds, usually enough time for the other team to score a goal)
    – player spawning only after a goal is being scored (nothing worse than a new player spawning into a game to replace an CPU character who is about to block a goal and the respawn causes the goal to go through with no competition, ditto literally any other time there are respawns)
    – not getting matched with PC players. I have unticked the box but still get matched with PC players
    – Perhaps not allowing players with massive lag compared to everyone else to join a game
    – Return the AI back to pre-patch difficulty

  • If anyone is looking for other Oceania players to team up with or to get involved in some friendly tournaments, join the ‘Rocket League Australia’ steam group. We’re the largest Oceanic Rocket League group and have a really good community going with a Teamspeak channel (linked on the steam group) that regularly has 15+ players online during peak hours.

  • Hope they fix the disappearing ball at the start of the match on Utopia and the rounds where the sound cuts out and the game crashes at the end of the match. PS4 problems I’ve encountered.

  • ^ Never come across these on PC. Possibly the disappearing ball is a lag issue as Utopia is the only map so far where boost runs out before you can get to kick-off ball, so maybe they’re boosting then double jumping forward to get to ball first and before it even registers on your console the ball is already heading toward your goal.

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