The Creators Of Crossy Road Just Released A Game Called Shooty Skies

I think I’m starting to see a pattern here.

Maybe I can do this…

Jumpy Platforms
Punchy Octagon
Stabby Medieval Europe

You take a video game verb. You add a ‘y’ to the end. And then you add a place. This shit is easy. I’m gonna be a millionaire.

Yeah, I’m probably not. Probably because I don’t have the ability to make simple, accessible video games like Matt Hall and Andy Sum.

Those two were the main creators of Crossy Road, and were involved in the creation of Shooty Skies, but it’s really the baby of two other developers — Matt Ditton and Ben Britten. Both are stalwarts of the Australian development scene. Britten worked on many of Tin Man Games ‘choose your own adventure’ books on tablets and iPhone. Ditton most recently worked on Breath of Light, a gorgeous looking puzzle game on iOS.

Shooty Skies does the Crossy Road thing: it takes a classic genre and revitalises it for a modern audience and a modern platform — the iPhone. It shares the Crossy Road aesthetic and I’m keen to see how the controls translate.

Shooty Skies is available now on iOS.

Edit: I was too slow. I’m never gonna be a millionaire.

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