The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter Redux Is Now Available On Steam

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux is now available on Steam. If you already own the rather excellent original, it's a free update that ports the story driven adventure to Unreal Engine 4, adds a new save system, and removes backtracking from the endgame. Small changes, but welcome ones.

Find out more here.


    Replayed it yesterday. Still amazing, but mostly small tweaks otherwise. :)

      Are the graphics any better? ( not that they were bad before )

        Honestly I couldn't tell.

          Did you play on a high end PC full spec?

            I had almost everything maxed out, but it's been a while since I played the UE3 version, so maybe I'm just remembering that to be prettier than it was. :P

          Redux is a hundred times better, just for the fact that they got rid of the stu-stu-stu-stu-stuttering (seriously, go back and compare the two). Unreal 3 Engine was long overdue for a replacement IMO. I found that it was too common for games using Unreal 3 Engine to stutter and have poor texture streaming, etc; Unreal 4 Engine was long overdue.

        Well presumably you'd get a few new things thrown in there just from the engine change (pom, more advanced AO, etc.).

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