America: The Video Game Trailer

America: The Video Game Trailer

One of the weird things about Steam's Early Access is that you play a game, stop playing, move on and forget it ever existed. Then when it actually comes out, you're like "uh, it's already out, I played it months/years ago", and then get a little confused. So it is with BroForce.

I played the shit out of this game last year, assuming it was pretty much done (it even made my Best of 2014 list), but nope! It's actually coming out October 15, 2015. Here is the trailer that reminded me of this.

Both this and Not A Hero's trailer (they're both Devolver games) show that you don't need to spend millions on actors and fancy 3D to get your point across.


    Theres a game tied to that? I didnt even realise it was a game trailer haha.

    Also for those interested in how Broforce plays, "the expendabros" is free on steam, short but fun =)

    I'll probably buy Broforce once it goes on sale or bundled

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