Batman: Arkham Knight Gets Re-Released On PC October 28

Batman: Arkham Knight Gets Re-Released On PC October 28

Four months after being pulled from sale due to poor performance, bugs and various other inadequacies, the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight goes back on sale next week, along with all the DLC early PC players have missed.

Warner Bros. promised the end of this month, and here we are. The game goes back on sale next Wednesday, the company said in a statement on Steam, coinciding with a release of a content patch that includes Photo Mode, Big Head Mode, character selection and AR challenges. Season pass holders will gain access to all of the story packs released so far, excluding console exclusives.

Judging from the comments on the Steam post, players who've owned the game since day one aren't exactly dancing in the streets. Many are disappointed that Warner Bros. isn't offering free content to players who waited instead of requesting a refund, while others are wondering if more performance patches are on the way or if this marks the end of months of improvements.

I would like to know if there will be more fixes for the game performance.   It would be very disappointing playing Arkham Knight on Medium or lower with a i7490k and a GTX960 4GB to minimise framedrops

So, no free content for the screw up and ridiculous delay, go figure, won't be rushing to buy / support another Rocksteady release (especially PC), besides I suspect most of us will be too busy in the Wastes getting munched by Radroaches and Deathclaws

Thank you for doing the bare minimum five whole months after you were expected to do so.

It's not entirely negative...several posters are offering their thanks for getting the game up to speed.

Game works absolutely fine for me, nice to know the dlc will be coming soon since I already own the season pass. Thank WB and Rocksteady : )   Also can people stop being so damn offensive to the developers, they know they messed up at first and so they pulled it until they could fix it. People slinging abuse around then asking for free stuff just sound like ignorant, arrogant arsehole's that deserve nothing.

I was trying to look for another positive one but ran out of patience, like most of the folks posting.


    The game still doesn't perform as well as the other Arkham games. Very stuttery still, just not as bad, very disappointing...

    I want to slap that last comment...

    People slinging abuse around then asking for free stuff just sound like ignorant, arrogant arsehole’s that deserve nothing.

    They're not ignorant, the fact is, they bought a game months and months ago that was broken and unprepared, sold to them on false pretenses. They were sold bullshots and lied to repeatedly about the status of the PC version. The DLC for this should be made free or at least *heavily* discounted to make up for the absolute disaster that has been the PC release. Christ, at least Ubisoft had the decency to make the Unity DLC available.

    When Ubisoft does something better than you in terms of generosity, you KNOW You're doing it wrong...

    I used to say Rocksteady was an automatic purchase after how good Arkham Asylum was. Then City was kind of meh but I still purchased Arkham Knight on good faith and yeah... we all know how that went.

    Rocksteady have failed PC gamers. And they've handled this horribly. The fact I've seen multiple DLC's released on console before they've even fixed the PC version disgusts me. And to the people that go - Oh you know they have different teams working on DLC to fixing the PC version don't you? - No excuse. They should've put all their man power into fixing their mistake instead of trying to cash in on the console success. Will not buy another rocksteady game ever.

      It serves them right for handing the port off to people who had next to no experience with such things, and who didn't exactly have the best track record. What did they think was going to be the outcome? That people wouldn't notice, or not even care? Maybe next time they will just dedicate the appropriate resources for in house development.

      By all accounts, Rocksteady didn't handle porting to PC and Rocksteady wasn't the publisher that decided to push out a port that was nowhere near ready for release.

      The only parties that failed in this event were the publisher for releasing a game that was not ready, and the consumers that blindly pre-ordered or bought on day 1. The review embargo for PS4 copies was lifted 4 days before launch; PC reviews weren't available until after launch. There were warning signs that people decided to avoid "on good faith".

      Either way, I'd rather not discount Rocksteady's ability to create fascinating games just because they hitched their wagon to a nutsack of a publisher.

        While this may be true to a degree, Rocksteady *must* shoulder some of the blame for this issue going ahead. Being published by WB or not, Rocksteady still would have had a hand in signing off to these idiots who put out the lazy-ass PC version. They helped promote the 'superior' pc version, they helped pushed the notion it wouldn't be a half-arsed version and for that, they should be held accountable. Rocksteady lied and deceived their clientele, they have to shoulder some of the blame.

          They should totally shoulder the blame for designing a game that received a bad port and suffered an overly ambitious publisher. The only PC-centric advertisement for the game was in conjunction with Nvidia, spruiking whatever their new physics play toy was; whatever 'superior' version was being advertised was at the behest of Nvidia. I don't see anyone filling their cups with indignation over that one.

          Are we going to dance around and pretend that Rocksteady, not WB, were the party that had the final say in the release of the game? Even better, Rocksteady acted as a semi-tier publisher for Iron Galaxy studios and signed off on the port just in time to meet the deadline that their own publisher, WB, had set.

          It's still bloody farcical that people want to pretend that neither Rocksteady nor Iron Galaxy were working to a schedule determined by WB.

          Last edited 26/10/15 4:51 am

            Noone denies they weren't working to a schedule imposed by Warner Brothers, to say they weren't is ridiculous, as is the idea that Iron Galaxy isn't to blame either. But to say Rocksteady isn't to blame at all in this whole situation is to be a.) An apologist and b.) utterly naive. There is *no* way that during production of the game, during production of the PC version, that Rocksteady (and WB and Iron Galaxy but we're focusing on Rocksteady here) had absolutely no idea that any of these issues were present, none.

            Last edited 26/10/15 11:26 am

    I think free DLC as a gesture of good will would of been a smart idea, but then, seeing as they released the game buggy as hell, people shouldn't be too surprised.

    I'll buy it in 2 years when the GOTY edition with all the DLC is discounted to $10. But not before then

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