Destiny Addicts Finally Getting The Help They Need

My name is Michael Fahey, and while I am not a Destiny addict myself, I’m beginning to suspect I work with several of them. Maybe Rooster Teeth‘s imaginary support group can help.

Over the course of the past nine years of working at Kotaku I’ve developed a habit of jumping from one game to the next, which may explain why I’ve escaped the Destiny craze despite my affinity with all things addictive. If I start playing I’ll do so for hours, but the urge to start just isn’t there — not with so many other strange and wonderful games on my plate.

Or maybe it doesn’t have enough dancing anime girls.

Either way I know that one day my colleagues, who shall remain nameless to protect Kirk and Jason’s identities, will need a support system like the one Rooster Teeth has proposed, and I will be there.

Well, off to the side playing a rhythm game on my Vita. But nearby.


  • I absolutely have an unhealthy obsession with Destiny, however I work FIFO so I get a break from it every week to re-assess my life and say that I won’t play that bloody game again. Only to get back during R+R, play the shit out of it, and get little done around the house. Oops.

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